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      C               MAMAS AND PAPAS/SOUL TRAIN (LP-1968)
      C               SPOOKY (LP-1968)
      C               GOLDEN GREATS, VOL. 1 (LP-1969)
      C               WHERE DID ALL THE GOOD TIMES GO B/W AIN'T IT THE TRUTH (45-1970)
      C               YOU SMILE - THE SONG BEGINS (DO-1974)
      C               AM GOLD: 1968 (CD-1990)
      C               AM GOLD: 1969 (CD-1991)
      C               AM GOLD: THE LATE '60S (CD-1992)


      C               AIN'T IT THE TRUTH (1970)
      C               BED OF ROSES (1968)
      C               BOOK A TRIP (1967)
      C               CHANGE OF HEART [1-CLASSICS IV] (1969)
      C               EVERYDAY WITH YOU GIRL (1969)
      C               JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME (1967)
      C               MAMAS AND PAPAS (1968)
      C               MARY, MARY ROW YOUR BOAT (1967)
      C               POOR PEOPLE (1967)
      C               SAVE THE SUNLIGHT (1973)
      C               SOMETHING I'LL REMEMBER (1969)
      C               SOUL TRAIN (1968)
      C               SPOOKY (1967)
      C               STORMY (1968)
      C               STRANGE CHANGES (1968)
      C               TRACES (1969)
      C               24 HOURS OF LONELINESS (1968)
      C               WAVES (1968)
      C               WHERE DID ALL THE GOOD TIMES GO (1970)

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