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      C               PABLO CRUISE (LP-1975)
      C               LIFELINE (LP-1976)
      C               A PLACE IN THE SUN (LP-1977)
      C               WORLDS AWAY (LP-1978)
      C               PART OF THE GAME (LP-1979)
      C               OUT OF OUR HANDS (LP-1983)


      C               ALWAYS BE TOGETHER (1978)
      C               ANOTHER WORLD (1983)
      C               CAN'T YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? (1977)
      C               CRYSTAL [2-PABLO CRUISE] (1976)
      C               DENNY (1975)
      C               DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT IT (1978)
      C               FAMILY MAN [1-PABLO CRUISE] (1978)
      C               FOR ANOTHER TOWN (1979)
      C               GIVIN' IT AWAY (1979)
      C               GIVIN' IT BACK (1983)
      C               GOOD SHIP PABLO CRUISE (1976)
      C               HOW MANY TEARS? (1979)
      C               I JUST WANNA BELIEVE (1977)
      C               I WANT YOU TONIGHT (1979)
      C               IN MY OWN QUIET WAY (1975)
      C               ISLAND WOMAN (1975)
      C               (I THINK) IT'S FINALLY OVER (1976)
      C               LET IT GO [1-PABLO CRUISE] (1983)
      C               LONELY NIGHTS [2-PABLO CRUISE] (1979)
      C               LOVE WILL FIND A WAY (1978)
      C               NEVER HAD A LOVE (1977)
      C               OCEAN BREEZE (1975)
      C               ON AND ON (1983)
      C               OUT OF OUR HANDS (1983)
      C               PART OF THE GAME (1979)
      C               A PLACE IN THE SUN [2-PABLO CRUISE] (1977)
      C               RAGING FIRE (1977)
      C               RUNNIN' (1978)
      C               SAILING TO PARADISE (1978)
      C               TALK TO ME RIGHT (1983)
      C               TELL ME THAT YOU LOVE ME [1-PABLO CRUISE] (1979)
      C               TONIGHT MY LOVE (1977)
      C               TREAT HER RIGHT [2-PABLO CRUISE] (1983)
      C               EL VERANO (1977)
      C               WHAT DOES IT TAKE (1975)
      C               WHATCHA GONNA DO? (1977)
      C               WHEN LOVE IS AT YOUR DOOR (1979)
      C               WILL YOU, WON'T YOU (1983)
      C               WORLDS AWAY (1978)
      C               YOU MIGHT BE WRONG (BUT IT'S ALRIGHT) (1983)
      C               YOU'RE OUT TO LOSE (1978)
      C               ZERO TO SIXTY IN FIVE (1976)

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