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      C               COUNTRY WILLIE (LP-1975)
      C               THE SOUND IN YOUR MIND (LP-1976)
      C               ONE FOR THE ROAD (LP-1979)
      C               JINGLE BELL JAZZ (TA-1980)
      C               CHRISTMAS WITH THE VENTURES (TA-1991)
      C               THE LEGACY (1933-1958) (TA-1991)
      C               CHRISTMAS ON THE RANGE (CD-1992)
      C               JOHN BANY SINGS...FOR HIS FAVORITE PEOPLE (TA-1993)
      C               '60S SOUL CHRISTMAS PARTY (CD-1998)
      C               AMERICAN III: SOLITARY MAN (CD-2000)
      C               CHIPMUNKS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE (CD-2000)


      C               THE ANGEL (2000)
      C               RIGHT OR WRONG [1-SIZEMORE/BIESE/GILLESPIE] (1921)
      C               SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (1934)
      C               SANTA CLAUS IS FOOLIN' AROUND (2000)
      C               THAT LUCKY OLD SUN (1949)
      C               YOU GO TO MY HEAD (1938)

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