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      C               24 HEAVY HITS (LP-1968)
      C               A BOY NAMED SUE B/W SAN QUENTIN (45-1969)
      C               WE'RE NOT ANGELS! (LP-196X)
      C               CARRY ME, CARRIE B/W SYLVIA'S MOTHER (45-1972)
      C               SLOPPY SECONDS (LP-1972)
      C               ARE YOU READY FOR THE COUNTRY (LP-1976)
      C               DAVE & SUGAR (LP-1976)
      C               DROPKICK ME, JESUS B/W BABY WANTS TO BOOGIE (45-1976)
      C               A LITTLE BIT MORE (LP-1976)
      C               WANTED! THE OUTLAWS (LP-1976)
      C               THE COUNTRY AMERICA LOVES (LP-1977)
      C               I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY (LP-1978)
      C               PLEASURE & PAIN (LP-1978)
      C               WAYLON & WILLIE (LP-1978)
      C               SOMETIMES YOU WIN... (LP-1979)
      C               WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND (LP-1979)
      C               TEQUILA SHEILA B/W QUAALUDES AGAIN (45-1980)
      C               THE ESSENTIAL JOHNNY CASH (CD-2002)
      C               THE ESSENTIAL KRIS KRISTOFFERSON (CD-2004)


      C               BABY WANTS TO BOOGIE (1976)
      C               THE BEST GAME IN TOWN (1980)
      C               A BOY NAMED SUE (1969)
      C               CARRY ME, CARRIE (1972)
      C               A COUPLE MORE YEARS (1976)
      C               THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE (1972)
      C               FREAKIN' AT THE FREAKER'S BALL (1972)
      C               GET MY ROCKS OFF (1972)
      C               HELP ME MAMA (1979)
      C               I CAN'T TOUCH THE SUN (1972)
      C               I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE TONIGHT (1978)
      C               I GAVE HER COMFORT (1978)
      C               IF I'D ONLY COME AND GONE (1972)
      C               IF YOU EVER THINK OF ME AT ALL (1980)
      C               IT'S THE WORLD'S GONE CRAZY (COTILLION) (1979)
      C               JUANITA (1981)
      C               JUNGLE TO THE ZOO (1976)
      C               KNOWING SHE'S THERE (1978)
      C               LAST MORNIN' (1972)
      C               A LONG TIME AGO [2-WAYLON JENNINGS] (1978)
      C               MORE LIKE THE MOVIES (1976)
      C               MOUNTAIN MARY (1979)
      C               ONCE MORE WITH FEELING [2-KRIS KRISTOFFERSON] (1979)
      C               PUT ANOTHER LOG ON THE FIRE (1974)
      C               QUAALUDES AGAIN (1980)
      C               QUEEN OF THE SILVER DOLLAR (1972)
      C               THE RADIO (1976)
      C               SOMEPLACE TO COME WHEN IT RAINS (1980)
      C               STAYIN' SONG (1972)
      C               SWEETEST OF ALL (1978)
      C               SYLVIA'S MOTHER (1972)
      C               THE TAKER (1971)
      C               TEQUILA SHEILA (1980)
      C               THE THINGS I DIDN'T SAY (1972)
      C               TURN ON THE WORLD (1972)
      C               THE UNICORN (1962)
      C               UP ON THE MOUNTAIN (1976)
      C               WHISTLERS AND JUGGLERS (1978)

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