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A                     YELLOW SHARK, THE (CD-1993)


A                     BE-BOP TANGO (OF THE OLD JAZZMEN'S CHURCH) (1973)
A                     DOG BREATH VARIATIONS (1968)
A                     EXERCISE #4 (1968)
A                     FOOD GATHERING IN POST-INDUSTRIAL AMERICA, 1992 (1992)
A                     G-SPOT TORNADO (1986)
A                     GET WHITEY (1992)
A                     THE GIRL IN THE MAGNESIUM DRESS (1984)
A                     III REVISED (1985)
A                     NONE OF THE ABOVE (1985)
A                     OUTRAGE AT VALDEZ (1990)
A                     PENTAGON AFTERNOON (1985)
A                     A POUND FOR A BROWN ON THE BUS (1968)
A                     QUESTI CAZZI DI PICCIONE (1985)
A                     RUTH IS SLEEPING (1992)
A                     TIMES BEACH II (1985)
A                     TIMES BEACH III (1985)
A                     UNCLE MEAT: MAIN TITLE THEME (1968)
A                     WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES (1992)

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