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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               WHATEVER'S FOR US (DO-1972)
A     C               BACK TO THE NIGHT (DO-1975)
A     C               JOAN ARMATRADING (DO-1976)
A     C               SHOW SOME EMOTION (DO-1977)
A     C               TO THE LIMIT (DO-1978)
A     C     P         HOW CRUEL (DO-1979)
A     C               ME MYSELF I (DO-1980)
A     C               WALK UNDER LADDERS (DO-1981)
A     C               THE KEY (DO-1983)
A     C               SECRET SECRETS (DO-1985)
A     C     P         SLEIGHT OF HAND (DO-1986)
A     C     P         SHOUTING STAGE, THE (DO-1988)
A     C     P         HEARTS AND FLOWERS (DO-1990)
A     C     P         SQUARE THE CIRCLE (DO-1992)
A     C     P         WHAT'S INSIDE (DO-1995)
A     C     P         LOVERS SPEAK (DO-2003)
A     C     P         INTO THE BLUES (DO-2007)
A     C     P         THIS CHARMING LIFE (DO-2010)
A     C     P         STARLIGHT (DO-2012)
A     C     P         NOT TOO FAR AWAY (DO-2018)


A     C               ALICE (1972)
A     C     P         ALL A WOMAN NEEDS (1988)
A     C               ALL THE KINGS' GARDENS (1972)
A     C               ALL THE WAY FROM AMERICA (1980)
A     C     P         ALWAYS IN MY DREAMS (2018)
A     C     P         ALWAYS ON MY MIND [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2012)
A     C     P         ALWAYS [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1990)
A     C               AM I BLUE FOR YOU (1978)
A     C     P         ANGEL MAN (1986)
A     C     P         ANY PLACE (2018)
A     C               AT THE HOP [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1981)
A     C     P         BABY BLUE EYES (2007)
A     C               BABY I [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1978)
A     C     P         BACK ON THE ROAD (1995)
A     C     P         BACK ON TRACK (2012)
A     C               BACK TO THE NIGHT (1975)
A     C               BAD HABITS (1983)
A     C               BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT (1978)
A     C     P         BEST DRESS ON (2010)
A     C     P         BEYOND THE BLUE (1995)
A     C     P         BLESSED [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2003)
A     C               BODY TO DUST (1975)
A     C               BOTTOM TO THE TOP (1978)
A     C     P         BUSY WITH YOU (2012)
A     C               (I LOVE IT WHEN YOU) CALL ME NAMES (1983)
A     C     P         CAN I GET NEXT TO YOU (1992)
A     C     P         CAN'T GET OVER (HOW I BROKE YOUR HEART) (1992)
A     C     P         CAN'T LET GO (1990)
A     C     P         CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU (1995)
A     C               CHILD STAR (1972)
A     C               CITY GIRL (1972)
A     C     P         CLOSE TO ME (2012)
A     C               COME WHEN YOU NEED ME (1975)
A     C               CONVERSATION (1972)
A     C               COOL BLUE STOLE MY HEART (1975)
A     C     P         COVER MY EYES (2018)
A     C     P         CRADLED IN YOUR LOVE (1992)
A     C     P         CRAZY FOR YOU [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2003)
A     C     P         CRAZY [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1992)
A     C     P         CRY [3-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2010)
A     C     P         D.N.A. (2007)
A     C     P         DARK TRUTHS (1988)
A     C               THE DEALER (1983)
A     C     P         DEEP DOWN (2007)
A     C     P         THE DEVIL I KNOW (1988)
A     C     P         DIAMOND (2010)
A     C     P         DID I MAKE YOU UP (1988)
A     C     P         DON JUAN (1986)
A     C               DOWN TO ZERO (1976)
A     C               DROP THE PILOT (1983)
A     C               DRY LAND (1975)
A     C               EATING THE BEAR (1981)
A     C     P         EMPTY HIGHWAY (2007)
A     C               EVERYBODY GOTTA KNOW (1983)
A     C     P         EVERYDAY BOY (1995)
A     C               FEELING IN MY HEART (FOR YOU) (1980)
A     C     P         FIGURE OF SPEECH (1986)
A     C     P         FIRE AND ICE (2003)
A     C               FOOLISH PRIDE (1983)
A     C     P         FREE [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1990)
A     C               FRIENDS NOT LOVERS (1985)
A     C               FRIENDS [3-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1980)
A     C               THE GAME OF LOVE [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1983)
A     C               GAVE IT A TRY (1972)
A     C               GET IN THE SUN (1977)
A     C               GET IN TOUCH WITH JESUS (1975)
A     C     P         GODDESS OF CHANGE (2010)
A     C     P         GOOD TIMES [3-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1990)
A     C     P         HE WANTS HER (1979)
A     C               HEAD OF THE TABLE (1972)
A     C     P         HEADING BACK TO NEW YORK CITY (2010)
A     C     P         HEARTS AND FLOWERS (1990)
A     C               HELP YOURSELF [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1976)
A     C     P         HOW CRUEL (1979)
A     C               I CAN'T LIE TO MYSELF (1981)
A     C     P         I LIKE IT WHEN WE'RE TOGETHER (2018)
A     C               I LOVE MY BABY (1983)
A     C               I NEED YOU [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1980)
A     C     P         I REALLY MUST BE GOING (1979)
A     C               I WANNA HOLD YOU (1981)
A     C     P         I WANT THAT LOVE (2012)
A     C               I'M LUCKY (1981)
A     C     P         IF WOMEN RULED THE WORLD (1992)
A     C     P         IN THESE TIMES (2003)
A     C     P         IN YOUR EYES (1995)
A     C     P         INTO THE BLUES (2007)
A     C     P         INVISIBLE (BLUE LIGHT) (2018)
A     C               IS IT TOMORROW YET (1980)
A     C               IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER (1972)
A     C     P         JESSE [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1986)
A     C               JOIN THE BOYS (1976)
A     C               THE KEY (1983)
A     C     P         KILLING TIME (1986)
A     C     P         KIND WORDS (AND A REAL GOOD HEART) (1986)
A     C               KISSIN' AND A HUGGIN' (1977)
A     C     P         LAUREL AND THE ROSE (1986)
A     C     P         LESS HAPPY MORE OFTEN (2003)
A     C               LET IT LAST (1978)
A     C               LET'S GO DANCING (1975)
A     C     P         LET'S TALK ABOUT US (2003)
A     C               LIKE FIRE (1976)
A     C     P         LIVING FOR YOU (1988)
A     C     P         LIZA (2007)
A     C     P         LOST THE LOVE (1995)
A     C               LOVE AND AFFECTION (1976)
A     C     P         LOVE BUG (2003)
A     C               LOVE BY YOU (1985)
A     C     P         LOVE LOVE LOVE (2010)
A     C     P         LOVERS SPEAK (2003)
A     C     P         LOVING WHAT YOU HATE (2018)
A     C               MA-ME-O-BEACH (1980)
A     C               MAMA MERCY (1977)
A     C     P         MAMA PAPA (2007)
A     C               ME MYSELF I (1980)
A     C               MEAN OLD MAN (1972)
A     C     P         MERCHANT OF LOVE (1995)
A     C               MISTER REMEMBER ME (1972)
A     C     P         MORE THAN ONE KIND OF LOVE (1990)
A     C               MOVES (1985)
A     C     P         MY BABY'S GONE (2007)
A     C               MY FAMILY (1972)
A     C               NEVER IS TOO LATE (1977)
A     C               NO LOVE (1981)
A     C               NO LOVE FOR FREE (1975)
A     C     P         NO MORE PAIN (2018)
A     C     P         NOT TOO FAR AWAY (2018)
A     C     P         OCEAN [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2003)
A     C     P         ONE MORE CHANCE [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1986)
A     C               ONE NIGHT (1985)
A     C               ONLY ONE (1981)
A     C               OPPORTUNITY [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1977)
A     C               PEACE IN MIND (1977)
A     C     P         PEOPLE WHO WIN (2010)
A     C               PEOPLE [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1976)
A     C               PERSONA GRATA (1985)
A     C     P         PHYSICAL PAIN (2003)
A     C     P         PLAY THE BLUES (2007)
A     C     P         THE POWER OF DREAMS (1990)
A     C     P         PROMISE LAND (1990)
A     C     P         PROMISES [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2010)
A     C     P         PROVE YOURSELF (2003)
A     C     P         REACH OUT (1986)
A     C     P         RECOMMEND MY LOVE (1995)
A     C               ROMANCERS (1981)
A     C     P         ROSIE (1979)
A     C     P         RUSSIAN ROULETTE (1986)
A     C               SAVE ME (1976)
A     C               SECRET SECRETS (1985)
A     C     P         SECULAR SONG (2007)
A     C     P         SHAPE OF A PONY (1995)
A     C     P         SHAPES AND SIZES (1995)
A     C     P         THE SHOUTING STAGE (1988)
A     C               SHOW SOME EMOTION (1977)
A     C               SIMON (1980)
A     C     P         SINGLE LIFE (2012)
A     C               SO GOOD (1975)
A     C               SOMEBODY WHO LOVES YOU (1976)
A     C     P         SOMEONE'S IN THE BACKGROUND (1990)
A     C     P         SOMETHING IN THE AIR TONIGHT (1990)
A     C     P         SOMETHING'S GOTTA BLOW (2007)
A     C     P         SOMETIMES I DON'T WANNA GO HOME (1992)
A     C     P         SONGS (1995)
A     C               SPEND A LITTLE TIME (1972)
A     C     P         SQUARE THE CIRCLE (1992)
A     C     P         STARLIGHT [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2012)
A     C               STEPPIN' OUT (1975)
A     C     P         STILL WATERS (2018)
A     C     P         STRAIGHT TALK (1988)
A     C               STRANGE [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1985)
A     C     P         STRONGER LOVE (1988)
A     C     P         SUMMER KISSES (2012)
A     C               TAKING MY BABY UP TOWN (1978)
A     C               TALKING TO THE WALL (1985)
A     C               TALL IN THE SADDLE (1976)
A     C     P         TELL ME [4-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2012)
A     C               TELL TALE (1983)
A     C               TEMPTATION [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1985)
A     C     P         TENDER TRAP (2003)
A     C     P         THERE AIN'T A LITTLE GIRL ALIVE (2007)
A     C               THINKING MAN (1985)
A     C     P         THIS CHARMING LIFE (2010)
A     C     P         THIS IS NOT THAT (2018)
A     C               TRAVEL SO FAR (1975)
A     C     P         TROUBLE [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1995)
A     C     P         TRUE LOVE [3-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1992)
A     C               TURN OUT THE LIGHT (1980)
A     C     P         TWO TEARS (2010)
A     C     P         VIRTUAL REALITY (2010)
A     C               VISIONARY MOUNTAINS (1972)
A     C     P         WAITING [3-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2003)
A     C               WARM LOVE [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1977)
A     C     P         WATCH YOUR STEP (1988)
A     C               WATER WITH THE WINE (1976)
A     C     P         THE WAY I THINK OF YOU (2012)
A     C     P         WEAK WOMAN (1992)
A     C               THE WEAKNESS IN ME (1981)
A     C               WHAT DO BOYS DREAM (1983)
A     C               WHAT DO YOU WANT [1-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1978)
A     C               WHATEVER'S FOR US, FOR US (1972)
A     C               WHEN I GET IT RIGHT (1981)
A     C               WHEN YOU KISSES ME (1980)
A     C               WILLOW (1977)
A     C               WISHING (1978)
A     C     P         A WOMAN IN LOVE [2-JOAN ARMATRADING] (2007)
A     C               WONCHA COME ON HOME (1977)
A     C     P         WORDS [4-JOAN ARMATRADING] (1988)
A     C     P         WOULD YOU LIKE TO DANCE (1995)
A     C     P         WRAPPED AROUND HER (1992)
A     C     P         YOU MADE YOUR BED (2003)
A     C               YOU ROPE YOU TIED ME (1978)
A     C               YOUR LETTER (1978)

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