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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     DUETS II (CD-2011)
A     C               GREATEST HITS: DECADE #1 (CD-2014)


A     C               ALL-AMERICAN GIRL (2007)
A                     BEFORE HE CHEATS (2005)
A                     BLOWN AWAY (2012)
A     C               COWBOY CASANOVA (2009)
A                     DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER ME (2005)
A     C               GOOD GIRL (2012)
A                     HOW GREAT THOU ART (1949)
A                     I TOLD YOU SO (1987)
A                     INSIDE YOUR HEAVEN (2005)
A                     IT HAD TO BE YOU (1924)
A                     JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL (2005)
A                     JUST A DREAM (2007)
A     C               LAST NAME (2007)
A     C               LITTLE TOY GUNS (2014)
A     C               MAMA'S SONG (2009)
A                     REMIND ME (2011)
A     C               SEE YOU AGAIN (2012)
A     C               SO SMALL (2007)
A     C               SOMETHING IN THE WATER (2014)
A     C               TEMPORARY HOME (2009)
A     C               TWO BLACK CADILLACS (2012)
A     C               UNDO IT (2009)
A                     WASTED (2005)

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