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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               LOVE CHILD B/W WILL THIS BE THE DAY (45-1968)
      C               BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1968 (TA-1989)
      C               AM GOLD: 1971 (CD-1990)
      C               DISCO FEVER (CD-1991)
      C               SCAREY BUSINESS (CD-2001)
      C     P         STILL DEAD!: THE GRIM REAPER'S JUKEBOX (CD-2008)


      C               I AIN'T GONNA EAT OUT MY HEART ANYMORE (1965)
      C               IF I WERE YOUR WOMAN (1970)
      C               LOVE CHILD (1968)
      C               LOVE HANGOVER (1975)
      C     P         NIGHTMARE (1966)

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