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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         ALIOTTA HAYNES MUSIC (LP-1970)
            P         ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH (LP-1971)
            P         LAKE SHORE DRIVE (CD-1992)
            P         LSD: LAKE SHORE DRIVE AT 25 (CD-1996)


            P         BROTHER SPARROW (1970)
            P         BROTHER'S KEEPER (1971)
            P         FIRE AND RAIN (1970)
            P         I SAW THE SUN (1970)
            P         I WILL TURN YOUR MONEY GREEN (1928)
            P         LEAVIN' CHICAGO AMF (1971)
            P         LONG TIME GONE [1-BOB DYLAN] (1962)
            P         OCEAN SONG (1970)
            P         PITTER PATTER (1970)
            P         POPPA SONG (1971)
            P         RUNNING SONG (1970)
            P         TOMORROW'S ANOTHER DAY (1971)
            P         UPPERS AND DOWNERS (1969)
            P         WHEN I WAS A COWBOY (193X)
            P         WITH MY EYES CLOSED (1970)

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