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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         I'M WITH STUPID (CD-1995)
      C     P         DIRTY COMPUTER (CD-2018)


            P         ALL OVER NOW (1995)
      C     P         AMATEUR (1995)
      C     P         CHOICE IN THE MATTER (1995)
      C     P         FRANKENSTEIN [2-AIMEE MANN] (1995)
            P         IT'S NOT SAFE (1995)
      C     P         JANE'S DREAM (2018)
            P         LONG SHOT (1995)
            P         PAR FOR THE COURSE (1995)
            P         RAY (1995)
            P         SUGARCOATED (1995)
            P         SUPERBALL (1995)
      C               THAT'S JUST WHAT YOU ARE (1995)
      C     P         UNTITLED [3-AIMEE MANN] (1995)
            P         YOU COULD MAKE A KILLING (1995)
            P         YOU'RE WITH STUPID NOW (1995)

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