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A                     HIGH SCHOOL ROCK (CD-1998)


A                     ALOHA, IT'S YOU (1997)
A                     AVI IS A VAMPIRE (1997)
A                     DIES SAUGT (1997)
A                     FFT (1997)
A                     HIGH SCHOOL ROCK-N-ROLL (1997)
A                     HOW CAN I MISS YOU IF YOU WON'T GO AWAY? (1997)
A                     I DON'T WANNA SIT AROUND WITH YOU (1997)
A                     I'M NO GOOD (1997)
A                     JACKIE IS AN ATHEIST (1997)
A                     JEANNIE HATES THE RAMONES (1997)
A                     NINETEEN EIGHTY-FIVE (1997)
A                     NO LUCK AGAIN (1997)
A                     PENCIL NECK (1997)
A                     STINKY'S ALL GROWN UP (1997)
A                     WE DON'T CARE (1997)
A                     WHEN I THINK ABOUT HER (1997)

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