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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               FRESH HORSES (CD-1995)
      C               OVERNIGHT SENSATIONAL (CD-2006)
A     C               THE ULTIMATE HITS (CD-2007)


A     C               AIN'T GOING DOWN ('TIL THE SUN COMES UP) (1993)
A                     AMERICAN HONKY-TONK BAR ASSOCIATION (1993)
A     C               THE BEACHES OF CHEYENNE (1995)
A                     BEER RUN (2001)
A                     CALLIN' BATON ROUGE (1978)
A                     THE CHANGE [2-GARTH BROOKS] (1995)
A     C               COWBOYS AND ANGELS (1995)
A                     THE DANCE (1989)
A                     THE FEVER (1993)
A                     FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES (1990)
A                     GOOD RIDE COWBOY (2005)
A     C               IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES (1988)
A     C               IN ANOTHER'S EYES (1997)
A     C               IRELAND (1995)
A     C               IT'S MIDNIGHT CINDERELLA (1995)
A                     LEARNING TO LIVE AGAIN (1992)
A                     LEAVE A LIGHT ON (2007)
A                     LONGNECK BOTTLE (1997)
A     C               MIDNIGHT SUN (2007)
A                     MORE THAN A MEMORY (2007)
A     C               MUCH TOO YOUNG (TO FEEL THIS DAMN OLD) (1988)
A     C               THE OLD STUFF (1995)
A     C               PAPA LOVED MAMA (1991)
A     C               THE RIVER [2-GARTH BROOKS] (1991)
A                     RODEO [1-GARTH BROOKS] (1981)
A     C               ROLLIN' (1995)
A                     SHAMELESS (1989)
A     C               SHE'S EVERY WOMAN (1995)
A     C               STANDING OUTSIDE THE FIRE (1993)
A     C               THAT OL' WIND (1995)
A     C               THAT SUMMER (1992)
A     C               THE THUNDER ROLLS (1989)
A                     TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE (1997)
A                     TWO OF A KIND, WORKIN' ON A FULL HOUSE (1990)
A                     TWO PIÑA COLADAS (1997)
A     C               UNANSWERED PRAYERS (1989)
A     C               WE SHALL BE FREE (1992)
A     C               WHAT SHE'S DOING NOW (1990)
A     C               WHEN YOU COME BACK TO ME AGAIN (2000)
A                     WORKIN' FOR A LIVIN' (1981)
A                     WRAPPED UP IN YOU (1997)

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