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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         THE POD (CD-1991)
A     C     P         PURE GUAVA (CD-1992)
      C               ABSOLUTE WEEN (CD-1994)
A     C               CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE (CD-1994)
A     C               FREEDOM OF '76 B/W POLLO ASADO (45-1995)
A     C               12 GOLDEN COUNTRY GREATS (CD-1996)
A                     THE MOLLUSK (CD-1997)
A     C     P         PAINTIN' THE TOWN BROWN (CD-1999)
A     C     P         EVEN IF YOU DON'T (CD-2000)
A     C     P         EVEN IF YOU DON'T/CORNBREAD RED (CD-2000)
A     C     P         STAY FOREVER (CD-2000)
A     C     P         WHITE PEPPER (CD-2000)
A     C               GOD WEEN SATAN (CD-2001)
A     C     P         SUNSHINE DAYDREAM (CD-2002)
A     C               QUEBEC (CD-2003)
A     C               LIVE IN CHICAGO (CD-2004)


A     C               ALCAN ROAD (2003)
A     C     P         ALONE [4-WEEN] (1990)
A     C               AMONG HIS TRIBE (2003)
A     C               THE ARGUS (2003)
A     C     P         AUDIO BIO (2000)
A     C     P         AWESOME SOUND (1990)
A     C               BABY BITCH (1994)
A     C     P         BACK TO BASOM (2000)
A     C     P         BANANAS AND BLOW (2000)
A     C     P         BIG JILM (1992)
A     C               BIRTHDAY BOY [2-WEEN] (1990)
A     C               BLACKJACK [2-WEEN] (1990)
A     C               THE BLARNEY STONE (1996)
A     C     P         BOING (1990)
A     C               BUCKINGHAM GREEN (1996)
A     C               BUENAS TARDES AMIGO (1994)
A     C               BUMBLEBEE (1990)
A     C               BUMBLEBEE PART 2 (2001)
A     C     P         CALL-OUT HOOK (2000)
A     C               EL CAMINO (1990)
A     C     P         CAN U TASTE THE WASTE? (1990)
A     C               CANDI (1994)
A     C               CAPTAIN (2003)
A     C     P         CAPTAIN FANTASY (1990)
A     C               CHOCOLATE TOWN (2003)
A     C               COLD AND WET (1990)
A                     COLD BLOWS THE WIND (THE UNQUIET GRAVE) (1400)
A     C               COMMON BITCH (1990)
A     C               CORNBREAD RED (2000)
A     C     P         COVER IT WITH GAS AND SET IT ON FIRE (1993)
A     C     P         DEMON SWEET (1990)
A     C     P         DON'T GET 2 CLOSE (2 MY FANTASY) (1992)
A     C               DON'T LAUGH (I LOVE YOU) (1990)
A     C               DON'T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT (1994)
A     C     P         DON'T SWEAT IT (1990)
A     C     P         DR. ROCK (1990)
A     C               DRIFTER IN THE DARK (1994)
A     C     P         EVEN IF YOU DON'T (2000)
A     C     P         EXACTLY WHERE I'M AT (2000)
A     C     P         FALLING OUT (2000)
A     C               FAT LENNY (1990)
A     C     P         FLIES ON MY DICK (1992)
A     C               FLUFFY (1995)
A     C     P         FLUTES OF CHI (2000)
A     C     P         FRANK (1990)
A     C               FREEDOM OF '76 (1993)
A     C               THE FUCKED JAM (2003)
A     C     P         THE GOIN' GETS TOUGH FROM THE GETGO (1992)
A     C               THE GOLDEN EEL (1996)
A     C     P         THE GROBE (2000)
A     C               HAPPY COLORED MARBLES (2003)
A     C               HELP ME SCRAPE THE MUCUS OFF MY BRAIN (1995)
A     C     P         HEY FAT BOY (ASSHOLE) (1992)
A     C               HEY THERE FANCYPANTS (2003)
A     C               HIPPY SMELL (2001)
A     C               THE HIV SONG (1994)
A     C               I CAN'T PUT MY FINGER ON IT (1994)
A     C               I DON'T WANNA LEAVE YOU ON THE FARM (1995)
A     C               I DON'T WANT IT (2003)
A     C               I GOTS A WEASEL (1990)
A     C     P         I PLAY IT OFF LEGIT (1992)
A     C     P         I SAW GENER CRYIN' IN HIS SLEEP (1992)
A     C               I'LL BE YOUR JONNY ON THE SPOT (1996)
A     C               I'M HOLDING YOU (1995)
A     C               I'M IN THE MOOD TO MOVE (1990)
A     C     P         ICE CASTLES (2000)
A     C               IF YOU COULD SAVE YOURSELF (YOU'D SAVE US ALL) (2003)
A     C               IT'S GONNA BE (ALRIGHT) (1996)
A     C               IT'S GONNA BE A LONG NIGHT [2-WEEN] (2003)
A     C               JAPANESE COWBOY [CHARIOTS OF FIRE] (1995)
A     C               JOPPA ROAD (1994)
A                     L.M.L.Y.P. [SHOCKADELICA] (1990)
A     C     P         LAURA [3-WEEN] (1990)
A     C               LICKING THE PALM FOR GUAVA (1990)
A     C     P         LITTLE BIRDY (1992)
A     C     P         LOVING U THRU IT ALL (1992)
A     C               MARBLE TULIP JUICY TREE (1990)
A     C               MISTER RICHARD SMOKER (1995)
A     C               MISTER, WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP MY PONY? (1994)
A     C               THE MOLLUSK (1996)
A     C     P         MOLLY (1990)
A     C     P         MONONUCLEOSIS (1990)
A           P         MOUNTAIN DEW (1992)
A     C     P         MOURNING GLORY (1992)
A     C     P         MOVING AWAY (1990)
A     C               MUSHROOM FESTIVAL IN HELL (1990)
A     C               MUTILATED LIPS (1996)
A     C               NAN (1990)
A     C               NEVER SQUEAL (1990)
A     C               NICOLE (1990)
A     C               OCEAN MAN (1996)
A     C     P         ODE TO RENE (1993)
A     C     P         OH MY DEAR (FALLING IN LOVE) (1990)
A     C               OLD MAN THUNDER (1990)
A     C               OLD QUEEN COLE (1990)
A     C     P         PANDY FACKLER (2000)
A     C               PAPA ZIT (1990)
A     C               PINK EYE (ON MY LEG) (1996)
A     C               PISS UP A ROPE (1995)
A     C               POLKA DOT TAIL (1996)
A     C     P         POLLO ASADO (1990)
A     C     P         POOP SHIP DESTROYER (1992)
A     C               PORK ROLL EGG AND CHEESE (1990)
A     C               POWDER BLUE (1995)
A     C               PRETTY GIRL [2-WEEN] (1995)
A     C               PUFFY CLOUD (1990)
A     C     P         PUMPIN' 4 THE MAN (1992)
A     C     P         PUSH TH' LITTLE DAISIES (1992)
A     C     P         REGGAEJUNKIEJEW (1992)
A     C               ROSES ARE FREE (1994)
A     C     P         SARAH (1992)
A     C     P         SHE FUCKS ME (1990)
A     C               SHE WANTED TO LEAVE (1996)
A     C     P         SHE'S YOUR BABY (2000)
A     C     P         SKETCHES OF WINKLE (1990)
A     C               SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (2003)
A     C     P         SORRY CHARLIE (1990)
A     C               SPINAL MENINGITIS (GOT ME DOWN) (1994)
A     C     P         SPRINGTHEME (1992)
A     C               SQUELCH THE WEASEL (1990)
A     C               STACEY (2001)
A     C     P         THE STALLION PT. 1 (1990)
A     C     P         THE STALLION PT. 2 (1990)
A     C     P         THE STALLION PT. 3 (1992)
A     C     P         STAY FOREVER (2000)
A     C     P         STRAP ON THAT JAMMY PAC (1990)
A     C     P         STROKER ACE (2000)
A     C               TAKE ME AWAY (1994)
A     C               A TEAR FOR EDDIE (1994)
A     C     P         TENDER SITUATION (1990)
A     C               TICK (1990)
A     C     P         TOUCH MY TOOTER (1992)
A     C               TRANSDERMAL CELEBRATION (2003)
A     C               TRIED AND TRUE (2003)
A     C               UP ON THE HILL (1990)
A     C     P         VALLEJO (1994)
A     C               VOODOO LADY (1994)
A     C               WAVING MY DICK IN THE WIND (1996)
A     C               WAYNE'S PET YOUNGIN' (1990)
A     C               WHAT DEANER WAS TALKIN' ABOUT (1994)
A     C     P         WHO DAT? (2000)
A     C               YOU FUCKED UP (1990)
A     C               YOU WERE THE FOOL (1995)
A     C               ZOLOFT (2003)

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