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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         SPECIAL BREW (CD-1999)
            P         WILD WEST SHOW WILD IN LONDON (CD-2011)


            P         DON'T TOUCH ME THERE (1976)
            P         DON'T WANT TO WAIT ANYMORE (1981)
            P         DRUMS (1983)
            P         HALOES (1975)
            P         LIP UP FATTY (1980)
            P         MALAGUEÑA SALEROSA (1947)
            P         MONDO BONDAGE (1975)
            P         NO WAY OUT (1979)
            P         OVERTURE [4-TUBES] (2004)
            P         RUSSELL CHAPS INTRO (2004)
            P         SHE'S A BEAUTY (1983)
            P         SPECIAL BREW (1980)
            P         TALK TO YA LATER (1981)
            P         TIP OF MY TONGUE (1983)
            P         TV IS KING (1979)
            P         WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE (1975)

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