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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         WHOA, NELLY! (CD-2000)


      C     P         BABY GIRL (2000)
            P         HEY, MAN! (2000)
      C     P         I WILL MAKE U CRY (2000)
            P         I'M LIKE A BIRD (2000)
      C     P         LEGEND (2000)
      C     P         MY LOVE GROWS DEEPER PART 1 (2000)
            P         ON THE RADIO (REMEMBER THE DAYS) (2000)
      C     P         PARTY (2000)
            P         SCARED OF YOU (2000)
      C     P         TRYNNA FINDA WAY (2000)
            P         TURN OFF THE LIGHT (2000)

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