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            P         THE DIRTY BOOGIE (CD-1998)
            P         JUMP JIVE AN' WAIL (CD-1998)


            P         AS LONG AS I'M SINGIN' (1962)
            P         THE DIRTY BOOGIE (1998)
            P         HOLLYWOOD NOCTURNE (1995)
            P         JUMP JIVE AN' WAIL (1956)
            P         LET'S LIVE IT UP (1998)
            P         NOSEY JOE (1952)
            P         ROCK THIS TOWN (1981)
            P         SINCE I DON'T HAVE YOU (1958)
            P         SLEEP WALK (1959)
            P         SWITCHBLADE 327 (1998)
            P         THIS CAT'S ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1998)
            P         THIS OLE HOUSE (1954)
            P         YOU'RE THE BOSS (1961)

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