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A     C               DESIGN OF A DECADE 1986/1996 (CD-1995)


A     C               ALRIGHT [1-JANET JACKSON] (1989)
A     C     P         BLACK CAT [2-JANET JACKSON] (1989)
A     C               COME BACK TO ME [2-JANET JACKSON] (1989)
A     C               CONTROL [1-JANET JACKSON] (1986)
A     C               ESCAPADE (1989)
A     C               LET'S WAIT AWHILE (1986)
A                     LOVE WILL NEVER DO (WITHOUT YOU) (1989)
A                     MISS YOU MUCH (1989)
A     C               NASTY (1986)
A                     THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE (1986)
A     C               RHYTHM NATION (1989)
A     C               RUNAWAY [3-JANET JACKSON] (1995)
A     C               THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES (1993)
A     C               TWENTY FOREPLAY (1995)
A     C               WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY (1986)
A     C               WHEN I THINK OF YOU (1986)

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