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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               THE POISON BOYFRIEND (CD-1988)
A     C     P         CIRCUS MAXIMUS (CD-1989)
A     C               SLENDER SHERBET (CD-1995)
A     C     P         HUH #19 (CD-1996)
A     C               20 VODKA JELLIES (CD-1996)
A     C     P         THE LITTLE RED SONGBOOK (CD-1998)


A     C               THE ANGELS ARE VOYEURS (1988)
A     C               ANGELS REPRISE (1988)
A     C               BISHONEN (1988)
A     C     P         BORN TO BE ADORED (1998)
A     C               THE CHARM OF INNOCENCE (1988)
A     C               CLOSER TO YOU (1988)
A     C     P         COMING IN A GIRL'S MOUTH (1998)
A     C     P         THE DAY THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN (1985)
A     C               ELEVEN EXECUTIONERS (1988)
A     C               THE END OF HISTORY (1993)
A     C     P         EVERYONE I HAVE EVER SLEPT WITH (1998)
A     C               FLAME INTO BEING (1988)
A     C               THE GATECRASHER (1988)
A     C               GERMANIA (1993)
A     C               GIAPPONESE A ROMA (1994)
A     C               THE GIRL WITH NO BODY (199X)
A     C               GOOD MORNING WORLD (1995)
A     C               THE GUITAR LESSON (1989)
A     C               THE HAIRSTYLE OF THE DEVIL (1989)
A     C     P         HARRY K-TEL (1998)
A     C               THE HOMOSEXUAL (1988)
A     C               HOTEL MARQUIS DE SADE (1985)
A     C     P         HOW TO SPOT AN INVERT (1998)
A     C               HOWARD HUGHES (1992)
A     C               I AM A KITTEN (1996)
A     C               I WAS A MAOIST INTELLECTUAL (1988)
A     C               AN INFLATABLE DOLL (1994)
A     C               ISLINGTON JOHN (1988)
A           P         JACKIE (LA CHANSON DE JACKY) (1966)
A     C     P         JOHN THE BAPTIST JONES (1985)
A     C     P         KING SOLOMON'S SONG AND MINE (1985)
A     C     P         THE LESSON OF SODOM (ACCORDING TO LOT) (1985)
A     C               LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS (1989)
A     C     P         LITTLE LORD OBEDIENCE (1985)
A     C               LONDON 1888 (1993)
A     C     P         LUCKY LIKE ST. SEBASTIAN (1985)
A     C     P         LUCRETIA BORGIA (1998)
A     C     P         MC ESCHER (1998)
A     C     P         MISS X, AN EX-LOVER (1998)
A     C               MURDERERS, THE HOPE OF WOMEN (1988)
A           P         NE ME QUITTE PAS (1959)
A     C     P         THE NEW DECAMERON (1998)
A     C               NIKON 2 (1994)
A     C               NOBODY [4-MOMUS] (1996)
A     C     P         OLD FRIEND, NEW FLAME (1998)
A                     ORGASM ADDICT (1977)
A     C               PAOLO (1992)
A     C     P         PAPER WRAPS ROCK (1985)
A     C               THE POISONERS (1994)
A     C               RADIANT NIGHT (1994)
A     C     P         THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA (1985)
A     C     P         RULES OF THE GAME OF QUOITS (1985)
A     C     P         THE SADNESS OF THINGS (1995)
A     C               SAVED (1992)
A     C               SEX FOR THE DISABLED (1988)
A     C               SITUATION COMEDY BLUES (1988)
A     C     P         SOME MISTRANSLATIONS (1998)
A     C               SOMEONE [2-MOMUS] (1992)
A     C               STREETLAMP SOLILOQUY (1994)
A     C     P         THE SYMPHONIES OF BEETHOVEN (1998)
A     C               THREE BEASTS (1992)
A     C               THREE WARS (1988)
A     C     P         TRAGEDY AND FARCE (1998)
A     C     P         THE UGLY SISTER (1998)
A     C               VIOLETS (1988)
A     C               VOGUE BAMBINI (1994)
A           P         VOIR UN AMI PLEURER (1977)
A     C     P         WELCOME TO MY SHOW TRIAL (1998)
A     C     P         WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? (1998)
A     C               WHAT WILL DEATH BE LIKE (1988)
A     C     P         A WHITE ORIENTAL FLOWER (1998)
A     C     P         WHO IS MR. JONES? (1998)

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