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A                     MARGARET WHITING'S GREAT HITS (LP-1959)
A                     CHRISTMAS ON THE RANGE (CD-1992)


A                     BABY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (1949)
A                     COME RAIN OR COME SHINE (1946)
A                     FAR AWAY PLACES (1948)
A                     GUILTY (1931)
A                     IT MIGHT AS WELL BE SPRING (1945)
A                     LET'S GO TO CHURCH (NEXT SUNDAY MORNING) (1950)
A                     MOONLIGHT IN VERMONT (1944)
A                     MY FOOLISH HEART (1949)
A                     MY IDEAL (1930)
A                     NOW IS THE HOUR (1913)
A                     SILVER BELLS (1950)
A                     SLIPPIN' AROUND (1949)
A                     THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC (1942)
A                     A TREE IN THE MEADOW (1948)
A                     (I'M IN LOVE WITH) A WONDERFUL GUY (1949)

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