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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               READING, WRITING AND ARITHMETIC (CD-1989)
      C     P         BLIND (CD-1992)
      C     P         STATIC & SILENCE (CD-1997)


      C     P         ANOTHER FLAVOUR (1997)
      C     P         BLOOD ON MY HANDS (1992)
      C               CAN'T BE SURE (1989)
      C               A CERTAIN SOMEONE (1989)
      C     P         CRY [2-SUNDAYS] (1997)
      C     P         FOLK SONG (1997)
      C     P         GOD MADE ME (1992)
      C     P         GOODBYE [2-SUNDAYS] (1992)
      C               HERE'S WHERE THE STORY ENDS (1989)
      C               HIDEOUS TOWNS (1989)
      C     P         HOMEWARD (1997)
      C     P         I CAN'T WAIT [3-SUNDAYS] (1997)
      C     P         I FEEL (1992)
      C               I KICKED A BOY (1989)
      C               I WON (1989)
      C               JOY [1-SUNDAYS] (1989)
      C     P         LEAVE THIS CITY (1997)
      C     P         LIFE & SOUL (1992)
      C     P         LOVE (1992)
      C     P         MEDICINE (1992)
      C     P         MONOCHROME (1997)
      C     P         MORE [1-SUNDAYS] (1992)
      C               MY FINEST HOUR (1989)
      C     P         ON EARTH (1992)
      C     P         SHE (1997)
      C               SKIN & BONES (1989)
      C     P         SO MUCH (1997)
      C     P         SUMMERTIME [2-SUNDAYS] (1997)
      C     P         24 HOURS [2-SUNDAYS] (1992)
      C     P         WHAT DO YOU THINK? (1992)
      C     P         WHEN I'M THINKING ABOUT YOU (1997)
            P         WILD HORSES [1-ROLLING STONES] (1971)
      C               YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE I KNOW (1989)
      C     P         YOUR EYES (1997)

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