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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A           P         SUPERSTAR (TA-1994)


A           P         AMOURICITY (1994)
A           P         BARFLY (1994)
A           P         COULD IT BE YOU (1994)
A           P         DON'T WANNA DIE (WITHOUT YOU) (1994)
A           P         FEELS LIKE FOREVER (1994)
A           P         I CAN'T HELP IT (1994)
A           P         LET'S GET LOST [3-SUPERSTAR] (1994)
A           P         NOISE LEVEL (1994)
A           P         THE REASON WHY [2-SUPERSTAR] (1994)
A           P         THOUGHT FOR TODAY (1994)
A           P         WILL I EVER SEE YOU (1994)

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