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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     OIL AND GOLD (TA-1985)
A     C     P         BLACK HAWK DOWN (CD-2001)


A     C     P         ASHES TO ASHES (2001)
A     C     P         BAKARA (2001)
            P         BARRA BARRA (2001)
A                     THE BIG HUSH (1985)
A     C     P         CHANT [2-BLACK HAWK DOWN] (2001)
            P         GORTOZ A RAN - J'ATTENDS (2001)
A     C     P         HUNGER [2-BLACK HAWK DOWN] (2001)
A     C     P         LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND (2001)
A     C     P         MOGADISHU BLUES (2001)
A     C     P         OF THE EARTH (2001)
A     C     P         STILL [2-BLACK HAWK DOWN] (2001)
A     C     P         SYNCHROTONE (2001)
A     C     P         TRIBAL WAR (2001)
A     C     P         VALE OF PLENTY (2001)

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