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            P         DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED (CD-1967)
            P         IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD (CD-1968)
            P         ON THE THRESHOLD OF A DREAM (CD-1969)
            P         TO OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN'S CHILDREN (CD-1969)
            P         A QUESTION OF BALANCE (CD-1970)
            P         EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOUR (CD-1971)
            P         SEVENTH SOJOURN (CD-1972)
            P         BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1972 (TA-1989)
            P         PASTPRESENT (TA-1989)


            P         THE ACTOR (1968)
            P         AFTER YOU CAME (1971)
            P         AND THE TIDE RUSHES IN (1970)
            P         ANOTHER MORNING (1967)
            P         ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY? (1969)
            P         THE BALANCE (1970)
            P         THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL (1968)
            P         BEYOND (1969)
            P         CANDLE OF LIFE (1969)
            P         DAWN IS A FEELING (1967)
            P         DAWNING IS THE DAY (1970)
            P         THE DAY BEGINS (1967)
            P         DEAR DIARY (1969)
            P         DEPARTURE (1968)
            P         DON'T YOU FEEL SMALL (1970)
            P         DR. LIVINGSTONE, I PRESUME (1968)
            P         THE DREAM [2-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
            P         EMILY'S SONG (1971)
            P         ETERNITY ROAD (1969)
            P         EYES OF A CHILD I (1969)
            P         EYES OF A CHILD II (1969)
            P         FLOATING [1-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
            P         FOR MY LADY (1972)
            P         GYPSY [1-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
            P         HAVE YOU HEARD [2-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
            P         HIGHER AND HIGHER (1969)
            P         HOUSE OF FOUR DOORS, PART 1 (1968)
            P         HOUSE OF FOUR DOORS, PART 2 (1968)
            P         HOW IS IT (WE ARE HERE) (1970)
            P         I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LIVE TO BE A HUNDRED (1969)
            P         I NEVER THOUGHT I'D LIVE TO BE A MILLION (1969)
            P         I'M JUST A SINGER (IN A ROCK AND ROLL BAND) (1972)
            P         IN THE BEGINNING (1969)
            P         ISN'T LIFE STRANGE (1972)
            P         IT'S UP TO YOU (1970)
            P         LADY MARIAN (1984)
            P         THE LAND OF MAKE-BELIEVE (1972)
            P         LAZY DAY [2-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
            P         LEGEND OF A MIND (1968)
            P         LOST IN A LOST WORLD (1972)
            P         LOVELY TO SEE YOU (1969)
            P         MELANCHOLY MAN (1970)
            P         MINSTREL'S SONG (1970)
            P         MY SONG [2-MOODY BLUES] (1971)
            P         NEVER COMES THE DAY (1969)
            P         NEW HORIZONS (1972)
            P         NICE TO BE HERE (1971)
            P         NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN (1967)
            P         OM (1968)
            P         ONE MORE TIME TO LIVE (1971)
            P         OUR GUESSING GAME (1971)
            P         OUT AND IN (1969)
            P         PEAK HOUR (1967)
            P         PROCESSION [1-MOODY BLUES] (1971)
            P         QUESTION (1970)
            P         RIDE MY SEE-SAW (1968)
            P         ROBIN (THE HOODED MAN) (1984)
            P         SEND ME NO WINE (1969)
            P         SO DEEP WITHIN YOU (1969)
            P         THE STORY IN YOUR EYES (1971)
            P         SUN IS STILL SHINING (1969)
            P         THE SUNSET (1967)
            P         TIME TO GET AWAY (1967)
            P         TO SHARE OUR LOVE (1969)
            P         TORTOISE AND THE HARE (1970)
            P         TUESDAY AFTERNOON (1967)
            P         TWILIGHT TIME [2-MOODY BLUES] (1967)
            P         VISIONS OF PARADISE (1968)
            P         VOICES IN THE SKY (1968)
            P         THE VOYAGE (1969)
            P         WATCHING AND WAITING (1969)
            P         WHEN YOU'RE A FREE MAN (1972)
            P         THE WORD [2-MOODY BLUES] (1968)
            P         YOU AND ME [1-MOODY BLUES] (1972)
            P         YOU CAN NEVER GO HOME (1971)

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