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A                     FLOATING INTO THE NIGHT (CD-1989)
A                     ROCKIN' BACK INSIDE MY HEART REMIXES (CD-1990)
A                     SOUNDTRACK FROM TWIN PEAKS (CD-1990)
A                     UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (CD-1991)
A                     TWIN PEAKS - FIRE WALK WITH ME (CD-1992)


A                     FALLING [2-TWIN PEAKS] (1989)
A                     FLOATING [2-TWIN PEAKS] (1989)
A                     I FLOAT ALONE (1989)
A                     I REMEMBER [1-TWIN PEAKS] (1989)
A                     INTO THE NIGHT (1989)
A                     MYSTERIES OF LOVE (1986)
A                     THE NIGHTINGALE (1989)
A                     QUESTIONS IN A WORLD OF BLUE (1992)
A                     ROCKIN' BACK INSIDE MY HEART (1989)
A                     SUMMER KISSES, WINTER TEARS (1991)
A                     THE SWAN (1989)
A                     THE WORLD SPINS (1989)

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