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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               COUNTRY WILLIE (LP-1975)
      C               SINGER OF SAD SONGS (LP-1978)
A                     SILVER (CD-1979)
A                     THE WMAQ PLATTER OF GREATEST HITS (LP-1981)
A     C               THE BOCEPHUS BOX (CD-2000)
A                     HITS I MISSED...AND ONE I DIDN'T (CD-2005)
A                     THE ULTIMATE HITS (CD-2007)


A                     BEER RUN (2001)
A                     THE BLUES MAN (1980)
A                     BUSTED (1962)
A     C               A COUNTRY BOY CAN SURVIVE (Y2K VERSION) (1999)
A                     DETROIT CITY (1963)
A                     FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY (1961)
A                     GOLDEN RING (1976)
A                     HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY (1980)
A                     HERE IN THE REAL WORLD (1990)
A                     I GOT STRIPES (1958)
A                     I STILL MISS SOMEONE (1958)
A                     I'LL SAY IT'S TRUE (1979)
A                     IF YOU'RE GONNA DO ME WRONG (1983)
A                     ON THE OTHER HAND (1985)
A                     PASS ME BY (1972)
      C               RAGGED BUT RIGHT (1957)
      C               SEASONS OF MY HEART (1965)
A                     SKIP A ROPE (1968)
A                     TODAY I STARTED LOVING YOU AGAIN (1968)
A                     TOO COLD AT HOME (1990)

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