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      C               PLEASE PLEASE ME (CD-1963)
      C               BROWN EYED GIRL B/W GOODBYE BABY (BABY GOODBYE) (45-1967)
      C               24 SOLID HITS (LP-196X)
      C               SHE CRIED B/W COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER (45-1972)
            P         THAT LOVIN' FEELING (LP-1978)
      C               ANTHOLOGY 1959-1964 (CD-1986)
      C               LIL' BIT OF GOLD: JAY AND THE AMERICANS (MC-1988)
      C               BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1965 (TA-1989)
            P         BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1970 (TA-1989)
            P         AM GOLD: 1970 (CD-1990)
            P         AM GOLD: 1969 (CD-1991)
      C     P         AM GOLD: THE LATE '60S (CD-1992)
      C               THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 1 (CD-1995)
      C               MALT SHOP MEMORIES: JUKEBOX GEMS (CD-2006)


      C               BOYS (1960)
      C               COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER (1964)
      C     P         COME ON DOWN TO MY BOAT (1967)
      C               GOODBYE BABY (BABY GOODBYE) (1967)
      C               HANG ON SLOOPY (1965)
            P         I THINK I LOVE YOU (1970)
      C               LET'S LOCK THE DOOR (AND THROW AWAY THE KEY) (1964)
            P         SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN (1934)
            P         THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN (1969)

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