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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A           P         PARADISE THEATER (LP-1980)


A           P         A.D. 1928 (1980)
A           P         A.D. 1958 (1980)
A           P         THE BEST OF TIMES (1980)
A           P         HALF-PENNY, TWO-PENNY (1980)
A           P         LONELY PEOPLE (1980)
A           P         NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED (1980)
A           P         ROCKIN' THE PARADISE (1980)
A           P         SHE CARES (1980)
A           P         SNOWBLIND (1980)
A           P         STATE STREET SADIE (1980)
A           P         TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS (1980)

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