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            P         ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (LP-1957)


            P         ANNIE GET YOUR GUN: OVERTURE (1946)
            P         ANYTHING YOU CAN DO (1946)
            P         DOIN' WHAT COMES NATUR'LLY (1946)
            P         THE GIRL THAT I MARRY (1946)
            P         I GOT LOST IN HIS ARMS (1946)
            P         I GOT THE SUN IN THE MORNING (1946)
            P         I'M A BAD, BAD MAN (1946)
            P         I'M AN INDIAN TOO (1946)
            P         MOONSHINE LULLABY (1946)
            P         MY DEFENSES ARE DOWN (1946)
            P         THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS (1946)
            P         THEY SAY IT'S WONDERFUL (1946)
            P         YOU CAN'T GET A MAN WITH A GUN (1946)

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