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A                     A GATHERING OF FLOWERS (LP-1970)
A                     BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1966 (TA-1988)
A                     AM GOLD: 1966 (CD-1990)
A                     AM GOLD: 1967 (CD-1991)
A                     AM GOLD: THE MID '60S (CD-1991)
A                     AM GOLD: THE LATE '60S (CD-1992)


A                     CALIFORNIA DREAMING (1965)
A                     CREEQUE ALLEY (1967)
A                     DANCING BEAR (1966)
A                     DANCING IN THE STREET (1964)
A                     DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE (1957)
A                     DID YOU EVER WANT TO CRY (1967)
A                     DO YOU WANT TO DANCE? (1958)
A                     FREE ADVICE (1966)
A                     GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO (1965)
A                     GOT A FEELIN' (1966)
A                     I CALL YOUR NAME (1964)
A                     I CAN'T WAIT [1-MAMAS AND PAPAS] (1966)
A                     I SAW HER AGAIN LAST NIGHT (1966)
A                     MONDAY, MONDAY (1966)
A                     NO SALT ON HER TAIL (1966)
A                     ONCE WAS A TIME I THOUGHT (1966)
A                     SPANISH HARLEM (1960)
A                     STRAIGHT SHOOTER (1966)
A                     TRIP, STUMBLE, & FALL (1966)
A                     WORDS OF LOVE [2-MAMAS AND PAPAS] (1966)

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