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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               BOY (LP-1980)
A     C               UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (CD-1991)
      C               THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS PARTY (CD-1993)
      C               AMERICAN III: SOLITARY MAN (CD-2000)
      C               2CELLOS (CD-2011)


A     C               AN CAT DUBH (1980)
A     C               ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE (1980)
A     C               A DAY WITHOUT ME (1980)
A     C               THE ELECTRIC CO. (1980)
A     C               I WILL FOLLOW (1980)
A     C               INTO THE HEART (1980)
      C               MYSTERIOUS WAYS (1991)
A     C               THE OCEAN [2-U2] (1980)
      C               ONE [2-U2] (1991)
A     C               OUT OF CONTROL [2-U2] (1980)
A     C               SHADOWS AND TALL TREES (1980)
A     C               STORIES FOR BOYS (1980)
A     C               TWILIGHT (1980)
A     C               UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (1991)
      C               WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME (1987)
      C               WITH OR WITHOUT YOU (1987)

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