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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               PIANO MAN (LP-1973)
A     C               STREETLIFE SERENADE (LP-1974)
A     C     P         TURNSTILES (LP-1976)
A     C               THE STRANGER (LP-1977)
A     C               52ND STREET (LP-1978)
A     C               GLASS HOUSES (DO-1980)
A     C               THE NYLON CURTAIN (LP-1982)
A     C               AN INNOCENT MAN (LP-1983)
A                     DUETS: AN AMERICAN CLASSIC (CD-2006)
      C               THE ULTIMATE HITS (CD-2007)


A     C               AIN'T NO CRIME (1973)
A     C               ALL FOR LEYNA (1980)
A     C     P         ALL YOU WANNA DO IS DANCE (1976)
A     C               ALLENTOWN (1982)
A     C               THE BALLAD OF BILLY THE KID (1973)
A     C               BIG SHOT [2-BILLY JOEL] (1978)
A     C               C'ETAIT TOI (YOU WERE THE ONE) (1980)
A     C               CAPTAIN JACK (1973)
A     C               CARELESS TALK (1983)
A     C               CHRISTIE LEE (1983)
A     C               CLOSE TO THE BORDERLINE (1980)
A     C               DON'T ASK ME WHY (1980)
A     C               EASY MONEY [3-BILLY JOEL] (1983)
A     C               THE ENTERTAINER (1974)
A     C               EVERYBODY HAS A DREAM (1977)
A     C               52ND STREET (1978)
A     C               GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME (1977)
A                     THE GOOD LIFE (1962)
A     C               GOODNIGHT SAIGON (1982)
A     C               THE GREAT SUBURBAN SHOWDOWN (1974)
A     C               HALF A MILE AWAY (1978)
A     C               HONESTY (1978)
A     C               I DON'T WANT TO BE ALONE (1980)
A     C     P         I'VE LOVED THESE DAYS (1976)
A     C               IF I ONLY HAD THE WORDS (TO TELL YOU) (1973)
A     C               AN INNOCENT MAN (1983)
A     C               IT'S STILL ROCK AND ROLL TO ME (1980)
A     C     P         JAMES [1-BILLY JOEL] (1976)
A     C               JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (1977)
A     C               KEEPING THE FAITH (1983)
A     C               LAST OF THE BIG TIME SPENDERS (1974)
A     C               LAURA [2-BILLY JOEL] (1982)
A     C               LEAVE A TENDER MOMENT ALONE (1983)
A     C               THE LONGEST TIME (1983)
A     C               LOS ANGELENOS (1974)
A     C               THE MEXICAN CONNECTION (1974)
A     C     P         MIAMI 2017 (SEEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT ON BROADWAY) (1976)
A     C               MOVIN' OUT (ANTHONY'S SONG) (1977)
A     C               MY LIFE (1978)
A     C     P         NEW YORK STATE OF MIND (1976)
A     C               ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG (1977)
A     C               PIANO MAN (1973)
A     C     P         PRELUDE/ANGRY YOUNG MAN (1976)
A     C               PRESSURE [2-BILLY JOEL] (1982)
A     C               ROBERTA (1974)
A     C               A ROOM OF OUR OWN (1982)
A     C               ROOT BEER RAG (1974)
A     C               ROSALINDA'S EYES (1978)
A     C     P         SAY GOODBYE TO HOLLYWOOD (1976)
A     C               SCANDINAVIAN SKIES (1982)
A     C               SCENES FROM AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT (1977)
      C               SHAMELESS (1989)
A     C               SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN (1977)
A     C               SHE'S RIGHT ON TIME (1982)
A     C               SLEEPING WITH THE TELEVISION ON (1980)
A     C               SOMETIMES A FANTASY (1980)
A     C               SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE [2-BILLY JOEL] (1973)
A     C               SOUVENIR (1974)
A     C               STILETTO (1978)
A     C               STOP IN NEVADA (1973)
A     C               THE STRANGER [1-BILLY JOEL] (1977)
A     C               STREETLIFE SERENADER (1974)
A     C     P         SUMMER, HIGHLAND FALLS (1976)
A     C               SURPRISES (1982)
A     C               TELL HER ABOUT IT (1983)
A     C               THIS NIGHT [1-BILLY JOEL] [PATHÉTIQUE SONATA] (1983)
A     C               THROUGH THE LONG NIGHT (1980)
A     C               TRAVELIN' PRAYER (1973)
A     C               UNTIL THE NIGHT (1978)
A     C               UPTOWN GIRL (1983)
A     C               VIENNA [1-BILLY JOEL] (1977)
A     C               WEEKEND SONG (1974)
A     C               WHERE'S THE ORCHESTRA? (1982)
A     C               WORSE COMES TO WORST (1973)
A     C               YOU MAY BE RIGHT (1980)
A     C               YOU'RE MY HOME (1973)
A     C               ZANZIBAR (1978)

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