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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         LIFELINE (LP-1976)
            P         BETTE DAVIS EYES B/W MISS YOU TONITE (45-1981)
            P         THE KEY (DO-1983)


            P         BETTE DAVIS EYES (1974)
            P         CRYSTAL [2-PABLO CRUISE] (1976)
            P         DON'T BELIEVE IT (1976)
            P         DROP THE PILOT (1983)
            P         GOOD SHIP PABLO CRUISE (1976)
            P         (I THINK) IT'S FINALLY OVER (1976)
            P         LIFELINE (1976)
            P         LOOK TO THE SKY (1976)
            P         MISS YOU TONITE (1981)
            P         NEVER SEE THAT GIRL ENOUGH (1976)
            P         TEARIN' DOWN MY MIND (1973)
            P         WHAT DO BOYS DREAM (1983)
            P         WHO KNOWS (1976)
            P         ZERO TO SIXTY IN FIVE (1976)

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