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A     C               PRESENT COMPANY (CD-1971)
A     C               STARS (CD-1974)
A     C               AFTERTONES (CD-1975)
A     C               BETWEEN THE LINES (CD-1975)
A     C     P         MIRACLE ROW (CD-1977)
A     C     P         NIGHT RAINS (CD-1979)
A     C               RESTLESS EYES (CD-1981)
A     C     P         UNCLE WONDERFUL (CD-1985)
A     C     P         BREAKING SILENCE (CD-1993)
A     C     P         JANIS IAN SHARES YOUR PAIN (CD-1995)
A     C     P         REVENGE (CD-1995)
A     C     P         HUNGER (CD-1997)
A     C               UP 'TIL NOW (CD-1997)
A     C               UNRELEASED 2: TAKE NO PRISONERS (CD-2000)
A     C               UNRELEASED 3: SOCIETY'S CHILD (CD-2001)
A     C     P         BILLIE'S BONES (CD-2003)
A     C     P         FOLK IS THE NEW BLACK (CD-2005)


A     C               AFTER THE RAIN (198X)
A     C               AFTERTONES (1975)
A     C               ALABAMA (1970)
A     C     P         ALL ROADS TO THE RIVER (1993)
A     C     P         ALL THOSE PROMISES (2005)
A     C               AMSTERDAM [1-JANIS IAN] (1989)
A     C               APPLAUSE [2-JANIS IAN] (1973)
A     C               ARMS AROUND MY LIFE (1996)
A     C               AS FAR AS LONELY GOES (1989)
A     C               AT SEVENTEEN (1975)
A     C               BAYONNE BLUES (19XX)
A     C               BELLE OF THE BLUES (1975)
A     C     P         BERLIN (1995)
A     C     P         BERLITZ (1994)
A     C               BETWEEN THE LINES [1-JANIS IAN] (1975)
A     C               BIGGER THAN REAL (1980)
A     C     P         BILLIE'S BONES (2003)
A     C     P         BLACK AND WHITE [3-JANIS IAN] (1997)
A     C               BLACK CROW FLYING (1974)
A     C               BLOOD RED ROSE (19XX)
A     C     P         BODY SLAVE (1985)
A     C               BOY I REALLY TIED ONE ON (1975)
A     C     P         BREAKING SILENCE (1993)
A     C               BREEZE ON THROUGH (19XX)
A     C               BRIGHT LIGHTS AND PROMISES (1975)
A     C               CALEB BROWN (19XX)
A     C               CAN YOU REACH ME (1970)
A     C     P         CANDLELIGHT (1976)
A     C               CHILDHOOD HERO (1986)
A     C               THE COME ON (1975)
A     C               COUNTING UP THE YEARS (19XX)
A     C     P         CROCODILE SONG (2005)
A     C               DANCE WITH ME [2-JANIS IAN] (1973)
A     C     P         DANGER DANGER (2005)
A     C     P         DAVY (1995)
A     C               DAY BY DAY (1979)
A     C     P         DEAD MEN WALKING (2003)
A     C               DEAR BILLY (1980)
A     C               DO YOU WANNA DANCE (1977)
A     C               DON'T CRY, OLD MAN (1975)
A     C               DON'T RUSH THE RIVER (1986)
A     C               DOWN AND AWAY (1980)
A     C     P         THE DROWNING MAN [2-JANIS IAN] (2005)
A     C     P         EMPTY [2-JANIS IAN] (1997)
A     C               EVERY LOVE (1986)
A     C               EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL (1972)
A     C               FLY TOO HIGH (1979)
A     C     P         FOLK IS THE NEW BLACK (2005)
A     C               FOREVER BLUE (19XX)
A     C     P         FOREVER YOUNG [2-JANIS IAN] (2003)
A     C               FROM ME TO YOU [2-JANIS IAN] (1974)
A     C     P         GENDERLESS (1994)
A     C               GEORGIA (1975)
A     C               GET READY TO ROLL (1980)
A     C     P         GETTING OVER YOU (1997)
A     C               GOODBYE TO MORNING (1975)
A     C     P         THE GREAT DIVIDE (2005)
A     C     P         GUESS YOU HAD TO BE THERE (1993)
A     C     P         HAVE MERCY LOVE (1979)
A     C     P         HAVEN'T I GOT EYES (2005)
A     C               HE'S A RAINBOW (1970)
A     C     P         HEART SKIP TOO MANY BEATS (1985)
A     C               HEAVEN KNOWS [2-JANIS IAN] (19XX)
A     C               HELLO JERRY (1970)
A     C               HERE IN SPAIN (1970)
A     C               HERE IN THE CITY (1974)
A     C     P         HIS HANDS (1993)
A     C     P         HIT YOU WITH THE GUILT (1985)
A     C               HOLES (1995)
A     C     P         HOME IS THE HEART (2005)
A     C     P         HONOR THEM ALL (1997)
A     C     P         HOUSE WITHOUT A HEART (1997)
A     C     P         HUNGER [1-JANIS IAN] (1997)
A     C               HYMN [1-JANIS IAN] (1975)
A     C               I BELIEVE I'M MYSELF AGAIN (1973)
A     C     P         I HEAR YOU SING AGAIN (2003)
A     C               I REMEMBER YESTERDAY [2-JANIS IAN] (1980)
A     C     P         I WANT TO MAKE YOU LOVE ME (1976)
A     C               I WOULD LIKE TO DANCE (1975)
A     C     P         I'LL CRY TONIGHT (1976)
A     C               IF WE HAD WINGS (19XX)
A     C               IN THE WINTER (1974)
A     C     P         JACKIE SKATES (2005)
A     C     P         JENNY (IOWA SUNRISE) (1979)
A     C               JESSE [1-JANIS IAN] (1972)
A     C     P         JOY [2-JANIS IAN] (2005)
A     C     P         JUST A GIRL (1985)
A     C     P         THE LAST TRAIN (2005)
A     C     P         LAY LOW (1979)
A     C     P         LAZY (1994)
A     C               LET IT RUN FREE (1970)
A     C     P         LET ME BE LONELY (1976)
A     C               LIBERTY (1970)
A     C     P         LIFE IS NEVER WRONG (2005)
A     C               LIGHT A LIGHT (1975)
A     C               LOVE IS BLIND (1975)
A     C               LOVER'S LULLABY [2-JANIS IAN] (1975)
A     C               THE MAN YOU ARE IN ME (1973)
A     C     P         MARCHING ON GLASGOW (2003)
A     C               MARION AMIDST THE ROSES (1977)
A     C     P         MARY'S EYES (2003)
A     C     P         MATTHEW (2003)
A     C     P         MECHANICAL TELEPHONE (1985)
A     C     P         MEMORIES (1979)
A     C     P         MIGHT AS WELL BE MONDAY (1997)
A     C     P         MIRACLE ROW/MARIA (1976)
A     C     P         THE MISSION (1995)
A     C     P         MOCKINGBIRD [2-JANIS IAN] (2003)
A     C     P         MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY (2005)
A     C               MY LAND (1970)
A     C     P         MY TENNESSEE HILLS (2003)
A     C               NATURE'S AT PEACE (1970)
A     C               NEVER LAID A HAND ON YOUR HEART (19XX)
A     C     P         NIGHT RAINS (1979)
A     C               NIGHTMARE MOUNTAIN (1986)
A     C     P         NO ONE ELSE LIKE YOU (1995)
A     C     P         NO ONE ELSE LIKES YOU (1994)
A     C               THE OLD MAN'S SHOES (1973)
A     C               OLD PHOTOGRAPHS (19XX)
A     C     P         ON THE DARK SIDE OF TOWN (1997)
A     C               ON THE TRAIN (1970)
A     C               ONE MISSISSIPPI (19XX)
A     C     P         THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SUN (1979)
A     C               PAGE NINE (1973)
A     C     P         PARIS IN YOUR EYES (2003)
A     C     P         PARTY LIGHTS [2-JANIS IAN] (1976)
A     C               PASSION PLAY (1980)
A     C     P         PHOTOGRAPHS (1979)
A     C               PRESENT COMPANY (1970)
A     C               RATE MY MUSIC (19XX)
A     C     P         READY FOR THE WAR (1995)
A     C               RESTLESS EYES (1980)
A     C     P         RIDE ME LIKE A WAVE (1993)
A     C               ROSES (1975)
A     C     P         RUBY [2-JANIS IAN] (1995)
A     C     P         SAVE SOMEBODY (2003)
A     C     P         SEARCHING FOR AMERICA (1997)
A     C               THE SEASIDE (1970)
A     C               SEE MY GRAMMY RIDE (1970)
A     C               SEE THE RIVER (1970)
A     C     P         SHADOW (1997)
A     C     P         SHADOWS ON THE WIND (2005)
A     C               SILLY HABITS (1977)
A     C     P         SLOW DANCE ROMANCE (1976)
A     C     P         SNIPER OF THE HEART (1985)
A     C               SOCIETY'S CHILD (1967)
A     C               SOCIETY'S CHILD INTRO (19XX)
A     C               SOLITAIRE (1971)
A     C     P         SOME PEOPLE'S LIVES (1992)
A     C     P         STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF LOVE [2-JANIS IAN] (2005)
A     C               STARS [1-JANIS IAN] (1972)
A     C               STILL WAITING FOR LOVE (1989)
A     C     P         STOLEN FIRE (1995)
A     C     P         STOLEN TIRES (1994)
A     C               SUGAR MOUNTAIN (1980)
A     C               THE SUNLIGHT (1970)
A     C     P         SUNSET OF YOUR LIFE (1976)
A     C               SWEET SYMPATHY (1973)
A     C     P         TAKE ME WALKING IN BAHRAIN (1994)
A     C     P         TAKE ME WALKING IN THE RAIN (1995)
A     C     P         TAKE NO PRISONERS (1994)
A     C               TAKE NO PRISONERS - INTRODUCTION (2000)
A     C     P         TAKE TO THE SKY (1976)
A     C     P         TATTOO (1993)
A     C               TEA AND SYMPATHY (1975)
A     C     P         TENDERNESS (1995)
A     C               THANKYOUS (1973)
A     C     P         THIS HOUSE (1993)
A     C               THIS MUST BE WRONG (1975)
A     C     P         THIS NIGHT [2-JANIS IAN] (1985)
A     C               THIS OLD TOWN (19XX)
A     C     P         THIS TRAIN STILL RUNS (1993)
A     C     P         THROUGH THE YEARS (1993)
A     C     P         TRIGGER HAPPY LOVE (1985)
A     C     P         UNCLE WONDERFUL (1985)
A     C               UNDER THE COVERS (1980)
A     C     P         WALKING ON SACRED GROUND (1993)
A     C               WATER COLORS (1975)
A     C               WEARY LADY (1970)
A     C     P         WELCOME TO ACOUSTICVILLE (1997)
A     C     P         WHAT ABOUT THE LOVE (1993)
A     C     P         WHEN ANGELS CRY (1995)
A     C     P         WHEN I LAY DOWN (2003)
A     C     P         WHEN SIMON CALLS (1994)
A     C               WHEN THE PARTY'S OVER (1975)
A     C     P         WHEN THE SILENCE FALLS (1995)
A     C               WHEREVER GOOD DREAMS GO (19XX)
A     C     P         WHY CAN'T YOU AND I? (1985)
A     C     P         WILL YOU DANCE? (1976)
A     C               WITHOUT YOU [2-JANIS IAN] (1973)
A     C               YOU DON'T KNOW MY HEART (1999)
A     C               YOU'RE TOO LATE (1988)
A     C               YOU'VE GOT ME ON A STRING (1973)

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