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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C     P         LOVE CHILD B/W WILL THIS BE THE DAY (45-1968)
      C     P         MUCH BETTER OFF B/W ABRAHAM, MARTIN AND JOHN (45-1969)
      C               A WIZARD, A TRUE STAR (CD-1973)
      C               AM GOLD: THE MID '60S (CD-1991)
      C               ANGEL IN THE DARK (CD-2001)
      C     P         MAKE IT HAPPEN/SPECIAL OCCASION (CD-2001)
            P         TIME OUT/FOUR IN BLUE (CD-2001)


            P         BABY, BABY DON'T CRY (1969)
      C               DANCING'S ALRIGHT (1967)
      C     P         HERE I GO AGAIN (1969)
      C     P         THE LOVE I SAW IN YOU WAS JUST A MIRAGE (1967)
      C     P         MUCH BETTER OFF (1968)
      C               OOH BABY BABY (1965)
      C     P         WILL THIS BE THE DAY (1968)
            P         YESTERDAY (1965)
      C               YOU MUST BE LOVE (1967)

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