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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         (TEN) YEARS TOGETHER (LP-1970)
            P         THE FIRST SONGS (MORE THAN A NEW DISCOVERY) (CD-1973)
            P         AFTERNOON DELIGHT B/W CALIFORNIA DAY (45-1975)


            P         AFTERNOON DELIGHT (1975)
            P         AND WHEN I DIE (1966)
            P         BILLY'S BLUES (1966)
            P         BLOWIN' AWAY (1966)
            P         BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (1962)
            P         BUY AND SELL (1966)
            P         CALIFORNIA DAY (1975)
            P         CALIFORNIA SHOESHINE BOYS (1966)
            P         DAY IS DONE (1969)
            P         DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALL RIGHT (1962)
            P         EARLY MORNIN' RAIN (1965)
            P         500 MILES (1961)
            P         FLIM FLAM MAN (HANDS OFF THE MAN) (1966)
            P         FOR LOVIN' ME (1965)
            P         GOODBYE JOE (1966)
            P         HE'S A RUNNER (1966)
            P         I DIG ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC (1967)
            P         I NEVER MEANT TO HURT YOU (1966)
            P         IF I HAD A HAMMER (1949)
            P         LAZY SUSAN [1-LAURA NYRO] (1966)
            P         LEAVING ON A JET PLANE (1966)
            P         LEMON TREE (1961)
            P         PUFF (THE MAGIC DRAGON) (1962)
      C     P         STEWBALL (17XX)
            P         STONEY END (1966)
            P         TOO MUCH OF NOTHING (1967)
            P         WEDDING BELL BLUES (1966)

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