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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         NEVER FOR EVER (CD-1980)
            P         FROM LANGLEY PARK TO MEMPHIS (LP-1988)


            P         ALL WE EVER LOOK FOR (1980)
            P         ARMY DREAMERS (1980)
            P         BABOOSHKA (1980)
            P         BLOW AWAY (1980)
            P         BREATHING [1-KATE BUSH] (1980)
            P         CARS AND GIRLS (1988)
            P         DELIUS (1980)
            P         EGYPT (1980)
            P         ENCHANTED (1988)
            P         THE INFANT KISS (1980)
            P         NANCY (LET YOUR HAIR DOWN FOR ME) (1988)
            P         NIGHT SCENTED STOCK (1980)
            P         NIGHTINGALES (1988)
            P         VIOLIN (1980)
            P         THE WEDDING LIST (1980)

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