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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               THE KICK INSIDE (CD-1978)
A     C               LIONHEART (CD-1978)
A     C     P         NEVER FOR EVER (CD-1980)
A     C     P         THE DREAMING (CD-1982)
A     C     P         THE SENSUAL WORLD (CD-1989)
A     C     P         THE RED SHOES (CD-1993)
A     C     P         HOUNDS OF LOVE (CD-1997)
      C               PULSE (CD-2001)
A     C     P         AERIAL (CD-2005)
A     C     P         50 WORDS FOR SNOW (CD-2011)


A     C     P         AERIAL (2005)
A     C     P         AERIAL TAL (2005)
A     C     P         ALL THE LOVE (1981)
A     C     P         ALL WE EVER LOOK FOR (1980)
A     C     P         AMONG ANGELS (2011)
A     C     P         AND DREAM OF SHEEP (1985)
A     C     P         AND SO IS LOVE (1993)
A     C     P         AN ARCHITECT'S DREAM (2005)
A     C     P         ARMY DREAMERS (1980)
A     C     P         BABOOSHKA (1980)
A     C     P         BE KIND TO MY MISTAKES (1985)
A     C     P         BERTIE (2005)
A     C     P         BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN (1989)
A     C     P         THE BIG SKY (1985)
A     C     P         BIG STRIPEY LIE (1993)
A     C     P         BLOW AWAY (1980)
A     C     P         BREATHING [1-KATE BUSH] (1980)
A     C     P         BURNING BRIDGE (1985)
A     C     P         CLOUDBUSTING (1985)
A     C               COFFEE HOMEGROUND (1978)
A     C     P         CONSTELLATION OF THE HEART (1993)
A     C     P         A CORAL ROOM (2005)
A     C     P         DEEPER UNDERSTANDING (1989)
A     C     P         DELIUS (1980)
A     C               DON'T PUSH YOUR FOOT ON THE HEARTBRAKE (1978)
A     C     P         THE DREAMING (1981)
A     C     P         EAT THE MUSIC (1993)
A     C     P         EGYPT (1980)
A     C               FEEL IT [1-KATE BUSH] (1977)
A     C     P         50 WORDS FOR SNOW (2011)
A     C     P         THE FOG (1989)
A     C               FULLHOUSE (1978)
A     C     P         GET OUT OF MY HOUSE (1981)
A     C               HAMMER HORROR (1978)
A     C     P         HEADS WE'RE DANCING (1989)
A     C     P         HELLO EARTH (1985)
A     C     P         HOUDINI (1981)
A     C     P         HOUNDS OF LOVE (1985)
A     C     P         HOW TO BE INVISIBLE (2005)
A     C               IN SEARCH OF PETER PAN (1978)
A     C               IN THE WARM ROOM (1978)
A     C     P         THE INFANT KISS (1980)
A     C               JAMES AND THE COLD GUN (1977)
A     C     P         JIG OF LIFE (1985)
A     C     P         JOANNI (2005)
A     C               KASHKA FROM BAGHDAD (1978)
A     C               THE KICK INSIDE (1977)
A     C     P         KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (2005)
A     C               KITE (1977)
A     C               L'AMOUR LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE YOU (1977)
A     C     P         LAKE TAHOE (2011)
A     C     P         LEAVE IT OPEN (1981)
A     C     P         LILY (1993)
A     C     P         LOVE AND ANGER (1989)
A     C               THE MAN WITH A CHILD IN HIS EYES (1975)
A     C     P         MISTY (2011)
A     C     P         MOMENTS OF PLEASURE (1993)
A     C     P         THE MORNING FOG (1985)
A     C     P         MOTHER STANDS FOR COMFORT (1985)
A     C               MOVING (1977)
A     C     P         MRS. BARTOLOZZI (2005)
A     C     P         MY LAGAN LOVE (1985)
A     C     P         NEVER BE MINE (1989)
A     C     P         NIGHT OF THE SWALLOW (1981)
A     C     P         NIGHT SCENTED STOCK (1980)
A     C     P         NOCTURN (2005)
A     C               OH ENGLAND MY LIONHEART (1978)
A     C               OH TO BE IN LOVE (1977)
A     C     P         THE PAINTER'S LINK (2005)
A     C     P         π (2005)
A     C     P         PRELUDE [4-KATE BUSH] (2005)
A     C     P         PROLOGUE (2005)
A     C     P         PULL OUT THE PIN (1981)
A     C     P         REACHING OUT (1989)
A     C     P         THE RED SHOES (1993)
A     C     P         ROCKET'S TAIL (1989)
A     C               ROOM FOR THE LIFE (1977)
A     C     P         RUBBERBAND GIRL (1993)
A     C     P         RUNNING UP THAT HILL (1985)
A     C     P         SAT IN YOUR LAP (1981)
A     C               THE SAXOPHONE SONG (1975)
A     C     P         THE SENSUAL WORLD (1989)
A     C     P         SNOWED IN AT WHEELER STREET (2011)
A     C     P         SNOWFLAKE (2011)
      C               SOMETHING GOOD (1992)
A     C     P         SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN (2005)
A     C     P         THE SONG OF SOLOMON (1993)
A     C               STRANGE PHENOMENA (1977)
A     C     P         SUNSET [2-KATE BUSH] (2005)
A     C     P         SUSPENDED IN GAFFA (1981)
A     C               SYMPHONY IN BLUE (1978)
A     C               THEM HEAVY PEOPLE (1977)
A     C     P         THERE GOES A TENNER (1981)
A     C     P         THIS WOMAN'S WORK (1989)
A     C     P         TOP OF THE CITY (1993)
A     C     P         UNDER ICE (1985)
A     C     P         UNDER THE IVY (1985)
A     C     P         VIOLIN (1980)
A     C     P         WAKING THE WITCH (1985)
A     C     P         WALK STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE (1989)
A     C     P         WATCHING YOU WITHOUT ME (1985)
A     C     P         THE WEDDING LIST (1980)
A     C     P         WHY SHOULD I LOVE YOU? (1993)
A     C     P         WILD MAN (2011)
A     C               WOW (1978)
A     C               WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1977)
A     C     P         YOU'RE THE ONE [3-KATE BUSH] (1993)

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