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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C     P         UNORTHODOX BEHAVIOUR (LP-1976)
      C               DO THEY HURT? (LP-1980)


      C               ACT OF WILL (1980)
      C     P         BORN UGLY (1975)
      C               CAMBODIA (1980)
            P         EUTHANASIA WALTZ (1975)
      C     P         NUCLEAR BURN (1975)
            P         RUNNING ON THREE (1975)
      C     P         SMACKS OF EUPHORIC HYSTERIA (1975)
      C     P         TOUCH WOOD (1975)
      C               TRIUMPHANT LIMP (1980)
      C     P         UNORTHODOX BEHAVIOUR (1975)
      C               VOIDARAMA (1980)

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