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      C               DAYS OF FUTURE PASSED (CD-1967)
      C               IN SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD (CD-1968)
      C               ON THE THRESHOLD OF A DREAM (CD-1969)
      C               TO OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN'S CHILDREN (CD-1969)
      C               A QUESTION OF BALANCE (CD-1970)
      C               EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOUR (CD-1971)
      C               SEVENTH SOJOURN (CD-1972)
      C               LONG DISTANCE VOYAGER (CD-1981)
      C               BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1972 (TA-1989)


      C               AFTER YOU CAME (1971)
      C               THE BALANCE (1970)
      C               BEYOND (1969)
      C               THE DAY BEGINS (1967)
      C               DEPARTURE (1968)
      C               DON'T YOU FEEL SMALL (1970)
      C               THE DREAM [2-MOODY BLUES] (1969)
      C               HIGHER AND HIGHER (1969)
      C               IN THE BEGINNING (1969)
      C               NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN (1967)
      C               PROCESSION [1-MOODY BLUES] (1971)
      C               22,000 DAYS (1981)
      C               THE WORD [2-MOODY BLUES] (1968)
      C               YOU AND ME [1-MOODY BLUES] (1972)

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