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      C               WORLDBROKEN (LP-1985)
      C               WE BECAME SNAKES (TA-1986)


      C               BELONGING TO OCTOBER (1986)
      C               DRUGSTORE LOGIC (1986)
      C               ESTUARY (1985)
      C               FOR HER WHILE (1986)
      C               FRED PRESENTED HIMSELF TO JOSEPH (1985)
      C               HAIL OUR WEB (1985)
      C               II SAMUEL CHAPTER 4 (1985)
      C               IN THIS SANDBOX (1985)
      C               JUST THINK (1985)
      C               LONGING FOR ETHER (1986)
      C               MERCIFUL MOTHER (1985)
      C               NO COMPROMISE HERE (1985)
      C               ON THE VERGE OF FINDING (1985)
      C               THE REDEEMER (1986)
      C               THE TESTIMONY (1985)
      C               WE BECAME SNAKES (1986)
      C               WORDS LEFT UNSPOKEN (1985)
      C               THE WORM'S QUEST (1985)

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