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      C               DINNER AT MAXIM'S (LP-1956)
      C               HI-FI INTERNATIONALE (LP-1956)
      C               RIOT IN RHYTHM (LP-1958)
      C               I GOT RHYTHM B/W YOU'RE IN A BAD WAY (45-1963)
      C               YOU WERE ON MY MIND (LP-1965)
      C               MAMAS AND PAPAS/SOUL TRAIN (LP-1968)
      C               VOLUME II: THE EARLY YEARS (LP-1969)
      C               BIG HITS OF THE '20S (LP-1971)
      C               120 MUSIC MASTERPIECES (LP-1971)
      C               GERSHWIN'S GREATEST HITS (LP-1972)
      C               LADY SINGS THE BLUES (LP-1972)
      C               THE BEST OF JOLSON (LP-1973)
      C               JANIS JOPLIN'S GREATEST HITS (LP-1973)
      C               LIGHT, AIRY AND SWINGING (LP-1973)
      C               LIVE AND MORE (LP-1978)
      C               STARDUST (LP-1978)
      C               ONE FOR THE ROAD (LP-1979)
      C               JAZZ MASTERS OF THE KEYBOARD, VOL. 1 (LP-1983)
      C               JAZZ MASTERS OF THE SAX (LP-1983)
      C               THE QUINTESSENTIAL BILLIE HOLIDAY, VOL. 2 (CD-1987)
      C               LOVER MAN (CD-1988)
      C               NOVUS SAMPLER '88 (LP-1988)
      C               THE LEGACY (1933-1958) (TA-1991)
      C               UNFORGETTABLE (CD-1991)
      C               THE VERY BEST OF THE FOUR LADS (CD-2000)
      C               ANGEL IN THE DARK (CD-2001)
      C               PEARL (LEGACY EDITION) (CD-2005)
      C               DUETS II (CD-2011)


      C               AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1929)
      C               BIDIN' MY TIME (1930)
      C               BLAH-BLAH-BLAH (1931)
      C               BOY! WHAT LOVE HAS DONE TO ME (1930)
      C               BUT NOT FOR ME (1930)
      C               CLAP YO' HANDS (1926)
      C               CONCERTO IN F: III-ALLEGRO AGITATO (1925)
      C               DEAR LITTLE GIRL (1926)
      C               DO DO DO (1926)
      C               EMBRACEABLE YOU (1930)
      C               FASCINATING RHYTHM (1924)
      C               A FOGGY DAY (1937)
      C               GIRL CRAZY OVERTURE (1930)
      C               HI-HO! (1937)
      C               HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON? (1928)
      C               I CAN'T BE BOTHERED NOW (1937)
      C               I GOT PLENTY O' NUTTIN' (1935)
      C               I GOT RHYTHM (1930)
      C               I'LL BUILD A STAIRWAY TO PARADISE (1922)
      C               I'VE GOT A CRUSH ON YOU (1928)
      C               ISN'T IT A PITY? (1933)
      C               IT AIN'T NECESSARILY SO (1935)
      C               LET'S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF (1937)
      C               LIZA (ALL THE CLOUDS'LL ROLL AWAY) (1929)
      C               LOOKING FOR A BOY (1925)
      C               (OUR) LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (1937)
      C               LOVE IS SWEEPING THE COUNTRY (1931)
      C               LOVE WALKED IN (1938)
      C               THE MAN I LOVE (1924)
      C               NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT (1937)
      C               OF THEE I SING (1931)
      C               OH, LADY BE GOOD (1924)
      C               PORGY AND BESS: A SYMPHONIC PICTURE (1942)
      C               PROMENADE (WALKING THE DOG) (1937)
      C               RHAPSODY IN BLUE (1924)
      C               'S WONDERFUL (1927)
      C               SAM AND DELILAH (1930)
      C               SHALL WE DANCE (1937)
      C               SLAP THAT BASS (1937)
      C               SOMEBODY LOVES ME (1924)
      C               SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (1926)
      C               SOON [1-GERSHWIN] (1927)
      C               STRIKE UP THE BAND (1927)
      C               SUMMERTIME [1-PORGY AND BESS] (1935)
      C               SWANEE (1919)
      C               SWEET AND LOW-DOWN (1925)
      C               THEY ALL LAUGHED (1937)
      C               THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME (1937)
      C               THINGS ARE LOOKING UP (1937)
      C               THREE PRELUDES (1926)
      C               WHO CARES? (1931)

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