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      C               RIOT IN RHYTHM (LP-1958)
      C               WHITE HEAT (LP-1959)
      C               BIG HITS OF THE '20S (LP-1971)
      C               JAZZ MASTERS OF THE KEYBOARD, VOL. 1 (LP-1983)
      C               JAZZ MASTERS OF THE SAX (LP-1983)
      C               THE JAZZ SINGERS (LP-1983)
      C               JOHN BANY SINGS...FOR HIS FAVORITE PEOPLE (TA-1993)
      C               CONCERTO UNDER THE STARS (CD-1997)


      C               HALLELUJAH! (1927)
      C               I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW (1926)
      C               I WANT TO BE HAPPY (1924)
      C               ORCHIDS IN THE MOONLIGHT (1933)
      C               SOMETIMES I'M HAPPY (1927)
      C               TEA FOR TWO (1925)
      C               TIME ON MY HANDS (1930)
      C               WITHOUT A SONG (1929)

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