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            P         LOOK OUT FOR THE CHEATER (CD-1996)


            P         ALL I WANT (1966)
            P         BATMAN THEME (1966)
            P         THE CHEATER (1965)
            P         DANCE WITH ME [1-BOB KUBAN & IN-MEN] (1965)
            P         DRIVE MY CAR (1965)
            P         GET OUT (AND LET ME CRY) (1964)
            P         HARLEM SHUFFLE (1963)
            P         I DON'T WANT TO KNOW [1-BOB KUBAN & IN-MEN] (1965)
            P         IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR (1965)
            P         IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME (1967)
            P         JERKIN' TIME (1965)
            P         LITTLE GIRL (DON'T YOU FEEL SO SAD) (1965)
            P         MY SHADOW IS GONE (1966)
            P         PRETZEL PARTY (1966)
            P         PROUD [1-WALTER SCOTT] (1967)
            P         STOP HER ON SIGHT (S.O.S.) (1966)
            P         TEASER, THE (1966)
            P         THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKIN' (1965)
            P         TRY ME BABY (1965)
            P         TURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT (1961)
            P         WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW [1-BOB KUBAN & IN-MEN] (1966)
            P         WATCH OUT (1966)
            P         WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (1963)
            P         YOU BETTER RUN (1966)
            P         YOU'VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES (1964)

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