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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT (CD-2009)
A                     GREATEST HITS...SO FAR!!! (CD-2010)


A     C               DEAR MR. PRESIDENT (2006)
A     C               DON'T LET ME GET ME (2001)
A     C               FAMILY PORTRAIT (2001)
A     C               F**KIN' PERFECT (2010)
A                     GET THE PARTY STARTED (2001)
A     C               GLITTER IN THE AIR (2008)
A     C               JUST LIKE A PILL (2001)
A     C               PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME (2008)
A     C               RAISE YOUR GLASS (2010)
A     C               SO WHAT (2008)
A     C               SOBER (2008)
A     C               STUPID GIRLS (2006)
A     C               THERE YOU GO [2-PINK] (2000)
A     C               TROUBLE (2003)
A     C               U + UR HAND (2006)
      C               WHATAYA WANT FROM ME (2009)
A     C               WHO KNEW (2006)

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