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            P         CHIPMUNKS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE (CD-2000)


            P         THE ANGEL (2000)
            P         CAROL OF THE BARTENDERS (2000)
            P         CHIPMUNKS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE (2000)
            P         CHRISTMAS MONEY (THAT'S WHAT I WANT) (2000)
            P         CHRISTMAS PARTY SONG [IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME] (2000)
            P         DECORATIONS (2000)
            P         FLU RIDE (2000)
            P         GOIN' UP TO BETHLEHEM [UP AROUND THE BEND] (2000)
            P         HE'S SO JOLLY [HELLO, DOLLY!] (2000)
            P         HOMELESS ON THE HOLIDAYS (2000)
            P         POKÉMON (2000)
            P         SANTA CLAUS IS FOOLIN' AROUND (2000)
            P         STUMPMASTER REMIX (2000)
            P         THE TWISTED CHIPMUNK SONG (2000)
            P         WHO PUT THE STUMP? (2000)

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