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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               LIL' BIT OF GOLD: JIVE FIVE (MC-1989)
            P         ALL-TIME GREATEST HITS, VOLUME 2 (CD-1991)


            P         THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYER (1965)
            P         BLUE BOY (1965)
            P         I HOPE HE BREAKS YOUR HEART (1964)
            P         IN THE CHAPEL WITH YOU (1964)
            P         LET THE PEOPLE TALK (1964)
      C               NEVER, NEVER (1961)
            P         SUNNY [1-NEIL SEDAKA] (1964)
            P         WE CAN MAKE IT IF WE TRY (1966)
            P         THE WORLD THROUGH A TEAR (1965)

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