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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A           P         CAN'T FIND NO HEAVEN (CD-2002)


A           P         BIG BOSS MAN (1967)
A     C     P         BLUES IN THE BOTTLE (2002)
A     C     P         DROP DOWN DADDY (2002)
A           P         HARD TIME KILLIN' FLOOR BLUES (1931)
A     C     P         I RUINED YOUR LIFE (2002)
A           P         I WILL TURN YOUR MONEY GREEN (1928)
A     C     P         THE MAN'S SO GOOD (2002)
A           P         NIGHT PATROL (1988)
A     C     P         RATHER BE THE DEVIL (2002)
A     C     P         SUGAR BABE (2002)
A           P         WILD BILL JONES (1XXX)

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