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      C               WITH THE BEATLES (CD-1963)
      C               MEET THE BEATLES (LP-1964)
      C               HELP! [UK VERSION] (CD-1965)
      C               RUBBER SOUL [UK VERSION] (CD-1965)
      C               REVOLVER [UK VERSION] (CD-1966)
      C               MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (CD-1967)
      C               SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (CD-1967)
      C               THE BEATLES (WHITE ALBUM) (CD-1968)
      C               ABBEY ROAD (CD-1969)
      C               YELLOW SUBMARINE (LP-1969)
      C               LET IT BE (CD-1970)
      C               PAST MASTERS (CD-1988)
      C               YOUNG LIONS (TA-1990)
            P         THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 1 (CD-1995)
            P         HARD-TO-FIND 45S ON CD, VOL. 2, 1961-64 (CD-1996)


      C               BLUE JAY WAY (1967)
      C               CRY FOR A SHADOW (1961)
      C               DON'T BOTHER ME (1963)
      C               FOR YOU BLUE (1969)
            P         FREE AS A BIRD (1994)
      C               HERE COMES THE SUN (1969)
      C               I ME MINE (1969)
      C               I NEED YOU [1-BEATLES] (1965)
            P         I REALLY LOVE YOU (1961)
      C               I WANT TO TELL YOU (1966)
      C               IF I NEEDED SOMEONE (1965)
      C               IN SPITE OF ALL THE DANGER (1958)
      C               THE INNER LIGHT (1968)
      C               IT'S ALL TOO MUCH (1967)
      C               LONG, LONG, LONG (1968)
      C               LOVE YOU TO (1966)
      C               NOT ALONE ANYMORE (1988)
      C               OLD BROWN SHOE (1969)
      C               ONLY A NORTHERN SONG (1967)
      C               PIGGIES (1966)
      C               SAVOY TRUFFLE (1968)
      C               SOMETHING (1969)
      C               TAXMAN (1966)
      C               THINK FOR YOURSELF (1965)
      C               WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS (1968)
      C               WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU (1967)
      C               YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO (1964)
      C               YOU LIKE ME TOO MUCH (1965)

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