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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         KING OF THE MOUNTAINS (CD-2007)


A     C     P         ANGEL FRIEND (2007)
A     C     P         THE APPLE (2007)
A     C     P         BABY BACK (2007)
A     C     P         BOXING [2-RODNEY CARRINGTON] (2007)
A     C     P         CHANGES [4-RODNEY CARRINGTON] (2007)
A     C     P         CHRISTMAS WITH THE KIDS (2007)
A     C     P         FAT GIRL (2007)
A     C     P         FUN [1-RODNEY CARRINGTON] (2007)
A     C     P         GIVE IT A TRY (2007)
A     C     P         HOME MOVIE (2007)
A     C     P         INTRO [2-RODNEY CARRINGTON] (2007)
A     C     P         MASSAGE (2007)
A     C     P         PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON (2007)
A     C     P         RAP STAR (2007)
A     C     P         REAL FANCY PLACE (2007)
A     C     P         RHYMES WITH TRUCK (2007)
A     C     P         SHOPPING ON RODEO STREET (2007)
A     C     P         SHORT ARMS (2007)
A           P         SHOW THEM TO ME (2007)
A     C     P         TEE OFF (2007)
A     C     P         TRAVEL PILLOW (2007)
A     C     P         TRIBUTE TO BARRY MARTIN (2007)
A     C     P         TV SHOW (2007)
A     C     P         WHEEL OF FORTUNE [2-RODNEY CARRINGTON] (2007)
A     C     P         YOGA CLASS (2007)
A     C     P         ZOO (2007)

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