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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     THE BEST OF COLLIN RAYE: DIRECT HITS (CD-1997)


A           P         THE GIFT [2-COLLIN RAYE] (1997)
A                     I THINK ABOUT YOU [1-COLLIN RAYE] (1995)
A                     IF I WERE YOU (1993)
A                     IN THIS LIFE (1992)
A           P         LITTLE RED RODEO (1997)
A                     LITTLE ROCK (1993)
A                     LOVE, ME (1991)
A                     MY KIND OF GIRL (1993)
A                     NOT THAT DIFFERENT (1995)
A                     ONE BOY, ONE GIRL (1995)
A           P         OPEN ARMS (1981)
A                     THAT WAS A RIVER (1992)
A                     THAT'S MY STORY (1993)
A                     WHAT THE HEART WANTS (1997)

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